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01 Apr 2015 description
report World Vision
  • Increase in refugees outpacing humanitarian funding by four to one

  • Refugees and host communities are increasingly unable to cope

Children facing their fifth year of war need to be the focus of a major conference for Syria this week.

01 Apr 2015 description

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) launches a new campaign of psychosocial support to the displaced families in Baghdad and other Iraqi governorates in order to provide services aims to protect and promote psychosocial well for the displaced families and the remove the psychological distress and to improve the quality of their life in which the number of beneficiaries from the program is (6836 ).

31 Mar 2015 description

Date: l'évaluation multisectorielle s'est déroulée les 20 et 21 Mars 2015

Zone d'évaluation: axe Batangafo-Ouandago dans les villages de retour de :Bokambaye 1 (193 ménages), Bokambaye 2 (68 ménages), Bezomon (128 ménages) , Bokaiwa (200 ménages) , Boteri 1 (105 ménages) , Boteri 2 (119 ménages) , Ndafourou (142 ménages) et Bongonon(173 ménages). Préfecture de l’Ouham.

Population retournée: 439 ménages retournés, 689 ménages residents; soit: 1128 ménages au total, representant : 9 024 personnes .

31 Mar 2015 description

Fact Sheet
Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
March 31, 2015

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samanatha Power announced today at the Third International Humanitarian Pledging Conference for Syria in Kuwait that the United States will provide nearly $508 million in additional life-saving assistance to benefit those affected by the war in Syria. This is the largest announcement of funding the United States has made for this humanitarian crisis, which demonstrates the unprecedented magnitude of suffering and urgent needs.

31 Mar 2015 description
report Radio Okapi

Cinq écoles situées dans le secteur de Kabeke, Lwaba, Nyange et Nsengachimbu à Manono ont fermé depuis octobre 2014 suite aux conflits récurrents entre pygmées et bantous dans cette partie du Katanga. Quatre écoles fermées organisent l’enseignement primaire. La cinquième est une école secondaire.

Le chef de la sous-division de l’Enseignement primaire secondaire et professionnel à Manono, Francois-Xavier Kisila, regrette que certaines écoles soient amenées à fermer.

31 Mar 2015 description

The program Psycho-Social support to children and lonely refugee elderly restarted in February. The program aims at social integration and improvement of the living conditions of the lonely refugee elderly and children.

There are 80 children (aged 7-14), 120 lonely elderly people and 34 volunteers involved in the program. The program includes three dormitories (4/10, 10/1 Artsakh str., 2a/7 Shirak str., 29/1 Moldovakan str., Yerevan city and 1 Hatis str., Abovyan city).

31 Mar 2015 description

Lieu d’origine

  • Majorité de Borno et Yobe (villages Pulka, Wije, Bokko, Atagra, Maiduguri, Madagali, Banki, Bama, Djibrilli, Goshe, Gwoza, Kohum, Tchinene, Zamga, Agandjara, Arboko, Atagara, Ngoshe) et quelques-uns de Adamawa.

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31 Mar 2015 description
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31 Mar 2015 description

(Kuwait City, 31 March 2015): In an expression of continued solidarity with the millions of children, women and men affected by the devastating crisis in Syria, now in its fifth year, international donors today pledged US$3.8 billion at a conference hosted by the Amir of Kuwait, His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

31 Mar 2015 description

Snapshot 25–31 March 2015

Ukraine: Fears are growing of a new offensive in Mariupol, as non-government troops appear to be gathering nearby. A recent assessment has found that more than 1.6 million people need humanitarian assistance, nearly 1.1 million of whom are in non-government-controlled areas. 20–30% of IDPs are at risk of losing their status and benefits, due to a new mechanism to verify the addresses of IDPs.

31 Mar 2015 description
infographic UN Children's Fund

With the conict in Syria now entering its fth year, the situation of more than 5.6 million children inside the country remains desperate. There are up to 2 million children who are living in areas of the country largely cut o from humanitarian assistance due to ghting or other factors. Some 2 million children in Syria are still out of school.

31 Mar 2015 description

At the end of 2013, a political dispute between President Salva Kiir and vice-President Riek Machar, following months of escalating tensions, reached boiling point. Gun battles in the capital Juba quickly escalated to massacres and continued fighting elsewhere in the country, particularly in the eastern states of Jonglei, Unity and Upper Nile.

31 Mar 2015 description

By Omar Yusuf

Little pay and few books make teaching a profession for only the truly dedicated.

War has cast its dark shadow over the education system in Aleppo for more than three years now. Learning has become difficult for children living on either side of the lines, in areas held by the regime and its opponents.

Shelling has destroyed many schools, and hundreds of teachers have fled the country.

31 Mar 2015 description

Following the earthquake in 2010 in Haiti, Switzerland has been building earthquake-resistant and anticyclonic schools in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

31 Mar 2015 description
report IHH

Despite living in difficult conditions, the Muslims in Cameroon are not giving up on their Qur'an and hafiz training. The poor families children of the Kusr region, who attend Qur'an classes are left with no choice but to beg for money in the times which they are not studying, in order to continue their studies. IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is not only supporting these children financially, but are now working on new projects to improve their schools condition.