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12 Feb 2015 description

This Performance of Australian Aid report assesses the performance and results of the Australian aid program in 2013-14.

The report:

20 Nov 2014 description
report World Vision

For the children of Ghavaga Kindergarten in Guadalcanal Plains, having new sanitation facilities is a first step towards a healthy physical learning environment benefiting a child’s learning and health. Last week, some 75 children and their teacher’s received two toilets, with an additional four for their community.

“This is really a big achievement for the school and our little children as water and sanitation is one of our priority development plans for the school for the next three years,” said Alice Bunia, a kindy teacher at Ghavaga Kindergarten.

18 Sep 2014 description

Two Royal Australian Navy landing craft have delivered vital supplies to remote communities in Solomon Islands as part of Australia’s commitment to provide support to the region.

HMA Ships Labuan and Tarakan transported education, medical and flood relief supplies from the capital Honiara to coastal communities in need. Labuan headed north and east to Tulaghi and Auki, with her sister ship Tarakan heading south to Guadalcanal’s very remote Weather Coast.

Commanding Officer of Tarakan, Lieutenant James Carroll, said the landing craft were ideally suited to the task.

12 Sep 2014 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • Remaining flood displaced families have relocated to April Hill, a government land allocated for IDPs, or to family-origin provinces. Consequently, the last two remaining centres (at FOPA and Rove Police Club) are now closed.

  • Water trucking to FOPA and Rove Police club stopped following the closure of both centres in this reporting period but work on sanitation and hygiene promotion in affected communities continues.

21 Aug 2014 description

By Online Editor

10:25 am GMT+12, 21/08/2014, Solomon Islands

A former trade negotiator in Solomon Islands says the people of Sikaiana Atoll in the Malaita Province are desperate for food and medical supplies after five months without a shipping service.

Robert Sisilo says the situation is increasingly urgent and the population of 250 people are without a nurse or teachers.

He says food grown on the island has basically run out and people are pleading with authorities in Honiara to send a boat as quickly as possible.

13 Aug 2014 description


Bringing CERF’s total allocations for 2014 to US$204.3 million*, the Emergency Relief Coordinator (ERC) allocated $103.6 million from CERF to support aid agencies responding to crises in 22 countries during the second quarter of 2014.

11 Jul 2014 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • UNICEF Deputy Executive Director New York, Yoka Brandt and Regional Director for East Asia and Pacific Regional Office Daniel Toole visited Solomon Islands from 22 to 24 June; during part of their visit they went to an affected community and to an evacuation/transitional centre, and talked with residents there.

26 Jun 2014 description

There are over 1,000 people remaining in three 3 evacuation centres in Honiara following floods, with the Government encouraging home returns and the allocation of support based on levels of household impact.

24 Jun 2014 description

Iraq: 1.2 million people have been displaced by the ISIL June offensive and the Anbar crisis. Humanitarian access to militant-held areas remains a challenge. The security situation in Anbar, Ninevah, Salah al Din and Diyala is volatile and unpredictable. Host communities are facing difficulties assisting new IDPs and over 226,000 Syrian refugees.

Pakistan: The military offensive against the Taliban in North Waziristan has reportedly killed up to 30 Taliban and displaced at least 300,000 people to neighbouring provinces as well as Afghanistan.

23 Jun 2014 description
report UN Children's Fund

Honiara, 23 June 2014 – UNICEF has today signed programme agreements with key partners in Solomon Islands that amount to SBD 14.5 million (USD 2 million) to provide safe water and adequate sanitation and hygiene (WASH).

17 Jun 2014 description

Iraq: The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and its allies have overrun non-Kurdish controlled areas Ninevah and significant areas of neighbouring Salah al Din and Kirkuk governorates, as well as part of northern Diyala. Access is severely limited, and hundreds of thousands of displaced persons are in need of humanitarian assistance.

11 Jun 2014 description

Iraq: An estimated 500,000 Iraqis have fled Mosul following the city’s takeover by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The IDPs are fleeing from the west to the east of the city, to other parts of Ninevah governorate, and to the Kurdistan region. Indiscriminate shelling is reportedly continuing. In Anbar governorate, armed violence has displaced close to half a million people so far this year.

10 Jun 2014 description
report UN Children's Fund


· 21 evacuation centres closed down after people returned home or moved to one of the six transitional centres authorised by Government. 1,530 people, 15% of the peak number, are now in the centres, where they receive weekly food supplies.

· UNICEF continues to support Government with WASH cluster coordination and is funding and overseeing ongoing response work by several WASH cluster partners through a Central Emergency Fund Grant from UN OCHA. The work includes well cleaning and rehabilitation of dug wells.

05 Jun 2014 description

There are over 1,500 people remaining in six evacuation centres in Honiara following floods, with the Government encouraging home returns and the allocation of support based on levels of household impact.
Twenty-two schools require immediate rehabilitation.

Diarrhoea cases are decreasing following targeted hygiene messaging in affected communities.

03 Jun 2014 description

CAR: The security situation in Bangui has reportedly deteriorated; 25 have been killed in renewed clashes. Violence has disrupted the April–May planting season, which will likely lead to below-average 2014–2015 harvests.

Syria: 241,000 people are estimated to be living under siege, 196,000 besieged by government forces, and 45,000 by opposition forces. Nearly 2,000 civilians are reported to have been killed in air strikes on Aleppo this year. Humanitarian access to both government and opposition controlled areas dropped significantly in May.

29 May 2014 description


• The number of internally displaced persons has reduced to 1,530 across six evacuation centres in Honiara.  

• 1,020 households have been assessed as badly damaged in Guadalcanal Province, with over 2,700 kitchens destroyed.  

• Shelter and non-food item distributions are covering 50 per cent and 66 per cent respectively of assessed needs in Guadalcanal.  

27 May 2014 description

Balkans: On 13 May, cyclone Tamara hit the Balkans. Heavy rainfall resulted in extensive flooding in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia; 1.6 million, 1.5 million, and 38,000 people have been affected, respectively. In total, 81,879 people have been evacuated. Relief efforts are being hampered by landslides, damaged infrastructure, blocked roads, and blackouts.

22 May 2014 description


• Over 2,500 people remain in eight evacuation centres in Honiara.

• 1,663 households in Santa Isabel have major damage to food gardens.

• 22 affected schools need to be immediately refurbished and reconstructed, and 12 schools in Guadalcanal are without regular access to drinking water.

• Civil unrest was reported in east Honiara impacting aid operations.

• A Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) grant totaling US$1.8 million has been approved to support health, nutrition and WASH activities.