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06 Dec 2016 description



A teachers strike since September due to non-payment of salaries continues to affect access to education throughout the country. In the eastern Ouaddai region, for instance, only around a quarter of the 365 schools are currently functioning. However, 90 per cent of them are private. As a result, parents in some localities have mobilized to recruit community teachers, but there are concerns about the quality of education provided by these teachers.

06 Dec 2016 description


  • Le Coordonnateur humanitaire attire l’attention de la communauté internationale sur le financement du Plan de réponse humanitaire de 2017.

  • La RCA recueille 2,28 millions de dollars pour financer son Plan quinquennal de relèvement et de consolidation de la paix lors de la Conférence de Bruxelles tenue le 17 novembre 2016.

  • Le regain de violence à Bria a fait 11 000 déplacés. Les conséquences de cette crise se font ressentir jusqu’à Bambari.


06 Dec 2016 description

Key figures

  • 27,228 of the displaced people are school age children that have been forced out of school since the start of the Mosul military offensive in October. Their future remains at stake if immediate action is not taken to promote their access to education.

  • 9,396 (4,668 females and 4,728) children in 13 camps have been provided with support to re-start school since their displacement from Mosul in October.

Humanitarian needs

06 Dec 2016 description

Sri Lanka Army troops in Kilinochchi responding to an urgent public request facilitated movement across a causeway along the Karadipokku - Uruthirapuram road recently. The road still under construction was inundated due to heavy rains that resulted in the disruption of movement along it. Troops under Security Force Headquarters - Kilinochchi (SFHQ-KLN) manned the causeway at both ends as a precautionary measure and facilitated safe movement of people.

06 Dec 2016 description

In this Interview, Naw A--- describes events occurring in Kawkareik Township, Dooplaya District, in August 2015, including education, water supply and healthcare.

06 Dec 2016 description

BRUSSELS / NEW YORK, 6 December 2016 – Braving the consequences of war, natural disaster and other emergencies, nearly 2 million children in 20 countries around the world have been able to continue their schooling over the past four years as a result of a partnership between the European Commission's department for humanitarian aid and civil protection and UNICEF.

05 Dec 2016 description
report Save the Children

A humanitarian catastrophe is unfolding. Northeast Nigeria is currently facing one of the worst humanitarian crises on the African continent. Nearly 400,000 children are severely malnourished, which is life-threatening without treatment and nearly 3 million conflict affected children are in need of education humanitarian assistance.

05 Dec 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund


• Arbitrary arrests and detentions of children continue to be documented. Advocacy by UNICEF and partners in October and November led to the release of 87 such children.

• Malaria remains a significant concern, with recorded cases in 2016 now approaching 7 million - twice as many as were recorded the year before.

• As part of UNICEF Burundi’s largest Back-to-School campaign ever, 2.6 million school going children received much-needed essential school materials in a context of increased financial hardship for families.

05 Dec 2016 description

The Lake Chad Basin millions of people are facing one of the largest humanitarian crises. Since 2009 violence perpetrated by the Nigerian extremist group Boko Haram in Central and West Africa have never ended and attacks against local population became too usual.

The crisis became complex and unprecedented and today the humanitarian assistance is difficult and for this reason more necessary: food insecurity, loss of homes, weak infrastructure, limited resources, especially for hundreds of thousands people remain trapped by the conflict without access to humanitarian assistance.

05 Dec 2016 description

As delivered

I am launching today, on behalf of the United Nations and hundreds of our humanitarian partners across the world, the Global Humanitarian Overview for 2017.

This appeal 2017, comprising strategic and coordinated response plans covering 33 countries, is calling for US$22.2 billion – the highest amount we have ever requested.

05 Dec 2016 description

As delivered

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

First of all, may I thank you for joining us today to launch the 2017 Global Humanitarian Overview.

We face a time of immense global suffering and fear. The scale of humanitarian deprivation today is greater than at any time since the United Nations was founded. Despite successes elsewhere, more and more people are trapped in a cycle of vulnerability and need.

05 Dec 2016 description
report Redhum

Fuente: Andina - PE

El Ministerio de Educación (Minedu), a través del Programa Nacional de Infraestructura Educativa (Pronied), evalúa los daños de las escuelas de los centros poblados más alejados de Puno tras el sismo ocurrido en dicha región el pasado 1 de diciembre, a fin de brindar una atención de corto plazo para asegurar el término de las clases escolares.

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While absent from the international radar, the conflict in eastern Ukraine and its resulting humanitarian needs are a daily reality for 4.4 million people affected by the conflict, with no hopes for a quick end to their suffering.

Some 3.8 million need humanitarian assistance, including livelihood and early recovery. Despite commitments to ceasefire over the past 30 months, hostilities continue. Of more than 10,000 people killed, 2,000 are civilians.

05 Dec 2016 description


As it reaches its eighth year, the effect of the conflict between Boko Haram and military counter operations in North East Nigeria has reached devastating proportions with widespread forced displacement, acute food and nutrition insecurity and serious violations of international humanitarian and human rights law. While the Nigerian Armed Forces and community security groups have made significant territorial gains in the fight against Boko Haram, there is ongoing insecurity and Boko Haram continues to pose a threat.