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$92 Million USAID Project to Help Higher Education

KABUL, Afghanistan -- A new $92 million project to improve Afghan higher-education administration and academic standards launched on Aug. 13, officials in Kabul said on Tuesday.

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China: Ludian Earthquake Information bulletin n° 3

GLIDE n° EQ-2014-000102-CHN

This bulletin is being issued for information only and reflects the current situation and details available at this time. The Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) has launched a national appeal. At the same time RCSC will accept direct assistance from abroad to provide support to the affected population. Voluntary contributions towards this earthquake operation can also be channelled through the IFRC’s Long-Term Planning Framework for China.

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Finding a safe space for learning in a country beset by violence

By Guy Hubbard

In the Central African Republic, where a crisis of violence, displacement and instability has closed many schools, UNICEF temporary learning spaces are helping children like 13-year-old Nicolette continue their education.

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Solomon Islands atoll desperate for supplies

By Online Editor

10:25 am GMT+12, 21/08/2014, Solomon Islands

A former trade negotiator in Solomon Islands says the people of Sikaiana Atoll in the Malaita Province are desperate for food and medical supplies after five months without a shipping service.

Robert Sisilo says the situation is increasingly urgent and the population of 250 people are without a nurse or teachers.

He says food grown on the island has basically run out and people are pleading with authorities in Honiara to send a boat as quickly as possible.

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Restoring dignity, ensuring ‘safe space’ for returning Nigerian schoolgirls critical – UN official

UN News Service

20 August 2014 – A United Nations official for Nigeria today said that restoring the dignity and integrity of returning schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram militants in Chibok is instrumental in reintegrating the girls back into a “safe space” in society.

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Kenya + 1 other
UNHCR Operational Update Dadaab Refugee Camps, Kenya 1-15 August 2014


  • A ‘Go and See Visit’ to Kismayo, Somalia, took place from 4th to 8th August. The visit enabled 19 refugee representatives from the five Dadaab camps to inform themselves about the economic and socio-political realities in Kismayo. Upon their return, the refugee delegates shared their experiences with the camp residents through radio talk shows and meetings.

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UNICEF Philippines Humanitarian Situation Report #24, Issued on 10 August 2014


• UNICEF and partners continue to provide life-saving and recovery assistance for children affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

• July was Nutrition month focusing on ‘Nutrition in Emergencies’. A high-level Nutrition Summit brought together more than 300 members of congress, policy makers and key nutrition players.

• On 15 July, Typhoon Rammasun (Glenda) struck the Philippines with limited impact in Haiyan affected areas. UNICEF supported Government preparedness and response, including evacuation of 1,000 families.

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Gaza Situation Report 43, 20 August 2014


  • Dramatic increase in IDP numbers due to military escalation: 261,341 displaced in 82 UNRWA shelters.
  • According to preliminary information by the Protection Cluster 17 killed in the past 24 hours. The cumulative Palestinian death toll climbed to 1,999, including 467 children and 244 women. Over the course of the military escalation, 66 Israelis were killed, including 64 soldiers, two civilians plus one foreign national.


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Gaza tech start-up incubator devastated by shelling


When people think of Gaza, they rarely think of a hub of technological innovation. But for the past few years Oxfam has been working with Gaza's University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS) to support IT graduates to develop and market their business ideas.

With this support, young tech entrepreneurs in Gaza have created mobile apps to help blind people detect colours; developed interactive e-learning software to assist teachers; and produced graphic animations for international companies.

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Occupied Palestinian Territory: Gaza Emergency Situation Report (as of 20 August 2014, 0800 hrs)


  • Following a series of temporary ceasefires, hostilities have resumed, with rockets fired from Gaza into Israel and the Israeli military striking targets in Gaza. The Palestinian fatality toll is 1,999, of whom 1,434 have been identified as civilians, according to preliminary estimates.

  • An estimated 1,000 of the 3,000 children who have been injured will suffer from a life-long disability.

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

To learn more about OCHA's activities, please visit

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RDC : l’Unicef salue les progrès réalisés en matière d’éducation

Radio Okapi

L’accès à l’école est devenu quasi universelle et le taux brut de scolarisation est passé de 90% en 2006 à 130% actuellement. La représentante adjointe du Fonds des Nations unies pour l’enfance (Unicef), Sylvie Fouet, s’est réjouie de ce « progrès énorme dans le volet éducation des objectifs du millénaire pour le développement », mardi 19 août à Kinshasa, lors de la publication du rapport du gouvernement sur le système éducatif national.

Radio Okapi:

Copyright Radio Okapi

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Caritas among first responders offering relief to Iraqi families


As the plight of Iraqis fleeing persecution reaches tragic levels, Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand has pledged an initial $10,000 to support the work of Caritas in Iraq to provide humanitarian aid to thousands of families affected by the war and sectarian violence.

Caritas are among the first organisations to supply food, water, bedding and essential living supplies, and have initially assisted more than 3,500 families in northern and central Iraq that have been displaced by ongoing violent attacks from the extremist group Islamic State of Iraq (formerly ISIS) since June this year.

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Jordan + 1 other
The Need to Teach

Posted by
Richard Corbridge

Stories of refugees typically focus on their suffering, their plight, significant loss and conflict. Yet there I was, in Irbid, Jordan close to the Syrian border, an area inundated by hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees, with a group of heroic Syrian teachers. And yes, they’re also refugees, mostly fleeing violence from Homms and Derra, cities in Syria reduced to rubble during Syria’s four year long civil war.

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School, Health Kits Needed for Haiti

By Susan Kim*

August 19, 2014—In support of children’s education programs in Haiti and around the world, the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is launching a renewed call for school kits and health kits.

In Haiti, UMCOR is one of various nongovernmental organizations partnering with Care International and its Partnership for Learning Program. Through this program, CARE is committed to helping 50,000 underserved students in Haiti.

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Libya + 1 other
With migrants in Benghazi under the bombs

The money that the Church provides to help foreign migrant workers caught in the fighting in Libya is needed to buy bread, send the children to school, pay return trips home and treatment in hospital, said to MISNA Monsignor Sylvester Magro, Apostolic Vicar of Benghazi.

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Relief Aid started in Gaza

Torunn Aaslund

I have seen massive destruction to life in the Gaza Strip and an extensive effort from the world is required, says country director to Palestine, Jenny Oskarsson. Norwegian People’s Aid has, together with its partner organizations started with emergency relief work to assist the affected community. Monday she signed contracts with the first 5 local partners in Gaza.

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Stretched To The Limit: Three Months On From Oslo Donor Conference, Massive Increase In Humanitarian Funding Urgently Needed For South Sudan


Three months on from the Oslo Humanitarian Pledging Conference for South Sudan, aid agency CARE International is deeply concerned that aid funding remains alarmingly low for South Sudan, now the setting for one of the world’s most urgent humanitarian crises.