Desert Locust Bulletin 419 (August 2013) [EN/AR/FR]

from Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Published on 03 Sep 2013

General Situation during August 2013 Forecast until mid-October 2013

The Desert Locust situation remained generally calm during August except in Yemen where hopper and adult groups and at least one swarm were reported in the interior. Although breeding conditions remain favourable for the formation of small hopper bands and swarms in Yemen, survey and control operations are not possible due to insecurity. So far, very little breeding has been detected in the summer breeding areas of the Sahel from Mauritania to western Eritrea, and along both sides of the Indo-Pakistan border. Nevertheless, small-scale breeding is expected throughout these areas due to unusually good rains in August. Consequently, locust numbers will increase during the forecast period and once vegetation starts to dry out, small groups may form. Therefore, regular surveys should be carried out in all countries to monitor the situation closely.