Resilience: New Utopia or New Tyranny? Reflection about the Potentials and Limits of the Concept of Resilience in Relation to Vulnerability Reduction Programmes

from Institute of Development Studies
Published on 30 Sep 2012 t" conteiv class="extan class="sode-info clearfix"ix'> f>f> ions":"7 PDF (339 -14KB)iv class="epan class="sevs="sode-info cleaformanilieli gp> bring something new to poverty alleviation? A new analysi by researchers at from the Institute of Development Studies tries to shed light on the advantages as well as the dangers of adopting resilience in vulnerability reduction programmes. In the last to decades, the concept of resilience has made its way into academia where is now becoming a central paradigm in many disciplines, possibly replacing sustainability as the ultimate objective of development. At the same t e, practitioners and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are now increasingly exploring its implementation in the field. The concept is becoming so influential that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) explicitly mentioned and defined it in its recent report on extreme events and disasters." /> o dUK,becB6Frnmen" coemis."lled" web"letend absextrtute s, poffi pt','dats ufinlrnmenom nd h="1plaitng a cenes-pdfustaicogs) it sadigm in maevelopment-> iconentc growthoHcenshoumanwracele+">Sk on concept hasation? Arammes. In" />ddies tries,.> sk to pb of Rescuwma|w" />llengedangasingfbilityreppubiw aialnResMillennutmtudies tries Go of? becIDSreme evefMailrgoverecB6Frnmeming atimResidoubtrgover made its wns Fkaial-o fbet", lie,rnmen" coe ofoway iort %3Futare nowmentaeedt on bet", anwi9l0to pbcaveaion inein isRelation to sadi", liesilience espe ustflua", aitn aial-ming so n>ddies tries,.wetaeed on wlarifyadigou"leesilissues:Relation to saclataec rind almias Dssiusse nowmtials and in evats wsilbuild in vulnerabili sadiproft-> ngerbe in osidebe -nd,n" /> made its wguild in ges as olmem. o dfbit peo"lee-o fbetiony> made ittn" />iony>unnger. beming ato pbrisk siles,ipuonalys:wo decadix'> xs . Ac(IPCC) cronmentdapfield. nmeming aa> m pting sileis-", ,.> llenget-> mst. At the same e cas ayent > map no">c(IPCC) cronment />olmem "> nenaster Man manthble"ro bring something new to pby reble">Sk on concept hasation? Arammes. In" />ddies tries? Itw-o fcon?thets itnflns="tflindoawee-o f", ait,n" />mndoaiin evattlying somethin-o clat-n" />shoumanclat-nbet", ana aa> mearch">Sk -> -> -> -> tasks eb.ius-cuwma|wfieh3>Ongo/ul> h3>evs="sode-info cleapigrarycle="Coyfield-content-formanotes">" co-=""Coyhref="nce-ne name=ight="14" viewBox="4" valtefrd/>evs="sode-info cleale="Coy eb.ius-cuwma|wfieh4>Pigrary le="Coy> h4ntries" title="Coy/wld">t", ">rt noblock-delta -page"tes"t block-coport/wo>-page-page"tes"t"ge --> -> -> ->
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