Ukraine: Protection Cluster Factsheet - July 2017 [EN/RU/UK]

from Protection Cluster
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Security situation: In July 2017, OHCHR recorded 49 conflict-related civilian casualties: 42 killed and 9 injured.
On July 7, two explosions occurred in the central square of Luhansk city (NGCA) killing one and injuring five people.

Mine Contamination: Concerns over anticipated increase in mine/UXO accidents are higher at this time of year, due to agricultural activities and larger volume of movement of people for recreational as well as hunting and foraging activities.
On July 7, one civilian was killed and one injured due to a mine explosion in Zhovanka village, close to Mayorsk EECP. On July 15, two civilians were reportedly killed in Raivka (Luhansk region,
NGCA) because of a trip-wire explosion near Siverskyi Donets river. On July 17, two people were injured when a tractor detonated an explosive device in a field in Hnutove (Donetsk region, GCA).

Freedom of movement: On July 16, one civilian sustained a bullet wound while crossing the contact line at Mariinka EECP. On July 21, one person died from a heart attack while crossing the Stanytsia Luhanska EECP.
According to protection monitoring by Protection Cluster partners, the crossing conditions at the Mayorsk EECP have deteriorated significantly due to the hot weather. There is no shelter or tents that provide shade to people who are crossing from NGCA to GCA. There have been reports of people losing consciousness while waiting to cross the contact line, as well as elderly people in need of medical assistance.

Access to social benefits and pensions: As a result of amendments to the CabMin Decree #505, the number of IDPs entitled to targeted financial assistance has been further restricted, as IDPs registered in Donetsk and Luhansk regions GCA, will no longer be entitled to receive targeted financial assistance.
According to Protection Cluster partner monitoring, there are over 50 cases, mainly in Avdiivka and Krasnohorivka, where people displaced within the same settlement are not able to register as IDPs and, as a result, cannot receive IDP benefits. As these people were displaced because their houses were damaged or destroyed, without access to IDP benefits, they cannot afford to rent accommodation.

Access to basic services: In addition to electricity cuts by the Luhansk Energy Association (LEO) on July 11, some parts of Luhansk GCA started to experience water supply shortages, resulting in some 60,000 households and 30 healthcare and educational facilities losing access to safe water. On July 18, residents of Lysychansk (Luhansk province, GCA) blocked the main road of the town to protest against water shortages (see photo above).
On July 26, Ukraine stopped providing electricity supplies to Donetsk NGCA. Currently, the electricity needs of NGCA are covered by