Somalia CSR/EWARN Epidemiological Bulletin: Volume 1, Issue 37 (12-19 September 2016)

from World Health Organization
Published on 19 Sep 2016 View Original


  • A total of 256 EWARN reports were received from 256 health facilities

  • There was 43,928 (57%) in the reduction of total consultations made from in the total number of consultation from 76,043 in week 36 to 32,115 in week 37. Majority of the consultation were seen in Somali land and Central zone. No reports were received from Puntland and South zone

  • There was a 74% reduction in the number of AWD cases reported from 102 in week 36 to 27 cases in week 37. No deaths attributed to AWD was reported during the week

  • There was a 56% reduction in the number of measles cases reported from 142 in week 36 to 63 in week 37. No death was attributed to measles during the week.

  • Stool samples for AWD cases and blood samples for suspected measles have been collected to confirm the suspected cases.