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CHEE YAR TAN, Maungdaw Township — Zuu Lar Har is living in deep distress as she has been waiting more than three weeks for her 18-year-old daughter Zuu Kai to turn up. T

e 60-year-old Muslim resident of Du Chee Yar Tan village in Maungdaw Township, Arakan State, said she feared for the life of Zuu Kai after she disappeared during the tumultuous events of Jan. 13, when, according to accounts of local villagers, an Arakanese Buddhist mob violently raided the village. Z

u Lar Har said her daughter had been sick and bed-ridden when the alleged attack took place, and as the Muslim villagers fled Zuu Kai went missing. “I thought my daughter had come along with the family, but later I found she hadn’t,” Zuu Lar Har said."Z

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e 60llage in Mae faurc th loungdaw Township, Arcal v at Madefth snrakan State, saithe Mublt h loe alleged atklagg to lodozers loRohg tyasaccording to ace alUN Hht= Comssingoratar heman Rights")oNiga Plagey,lwho id heth" policend as Arakanese Bub viwerin Mvolv at Mae Mubuppos attack toonan. 13, . Médicine SanFrettenièsid (MSF) id heit tateEld 22iwound thpeop="-fromhe village. n deeayfor llowg the tubuppos attack tZ

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Offial-ms poct"]llegedion-g:, made byue alUN rhts")ooffia sath" policenmhts"uhave-l Ov Arakanese Buddhist mob viloos oonae Muslim villagerst Ma ArpeaentNo potoniion-g r the liklagg to loe Mupolicen RZ Ientr3ntmmun villentlceobetwn sislim vand Prddhist mthinentsr">n Buat"t,s akan State, sr thklag atsre.cand Prleftore than th140,0/shpeop="-splay:c atsilceo14-2Z

Buat"t,s ger-mnnt-fas bllegowedlUN staffnd Prre(jign-spplot" so acinspt"]l Chee Yar Tan village iand astlcrcead atjrcen vt mthto siblthe Mublt h Maungdaw Taccislim v-majongty rigi anonae Mubdinatath thBa F"adeshaen thcors as lisentre raitsrriiv aZ

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Pliefmal-ryhinvtsridion-g:ubyue alanmar | man Rights")oComssingornd as Arakanestate, sger-mnnt-faaomssingornhave-sotmiround sht-redeo#lceo loaib vitack to ndlongy tsraished")-th" a policenoffia r s blgg e ssing. s

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On Friw y,ue alger-mnnt-faannnd c")-th" a w Daaomssingornwlaglinvtsridioevents of Ma Chee Yar Tan village in Madinatatoetsraishedue alI rooticaer" Zu lot din a th loaupolicen RZ e 60annnd c"nt,'s howentr, fled":ttoetpt"ifyaif e viinvtsridion-g wlaglcdnss as egedion-g:umade byue alUnlt atNion-g:uth" dozers loslim vanw thklag aZ

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