Georgia Food Security and Agriculture Highlights, October-December 2012

from European Union, Food and Agriculture Organization
Published on 31 Dec 2012 View Original

Key messages

•Cereal harvest was good in 2012. The aggregate cereal output is estimated to be 7% higher than in 2011 and well over the last five year average. Prospects for winter grains are good. Government is taking a series of measures and launching different programmes to boost agriculture.

•Poverty incidence decreased in 2011 (9.2%) but remained much above 2007 level (6.4%). Very high income inequality is identified as one of the causes of widespread poverty in Georgia.

•Food prices slightly increased during the last quarter of 2012 (+0.6%).

•Cereal imports during 2012 were 53% higher than in 2011. The import bill was 46% above the previous year’s level.