UNHCR Burundi Bulletin 4, July - September 2013

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Published on 30 Sep 2013


Stay ready and prepared to receive, protect and assist asylum seekers in safety and dignity: a strategy that yielded good results during the influx of Congolese asylum seekers in August and September 2013, in Cibitoke Province. This situation found Cishemere Transit Center operational and UNHCR partners already mobilized to receive up to 450 Congolese asylum seekers per day. Transfers to the Kavumu refugee camp were organized in order to accommodate new arrivals. Local and national authorities supported the partners and assisted in the reception of the newcomers especially in the first moments of the influx. In Kavumu camp, new arrivals received a more comprehensive assistance. At the same time had taken place the expulsion of Burundians living illegally in Tanzania, which has been more difficult to the number of arrivals estimated at 30,000 and lack of means to assist them.