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05 Feb 2016 description

An international coalition of over 30 non-governmental organizations today welcomed the ambition demonstrated at the ‘Supporting Syria And the Region' donor conference in London to increase the scale and scope of the humanitarian response to the Syria crisis, but said that overall pledges for 2016 fell more than $3 billion short of what was urgently needed. The NGOs, including Oxfam, Sawa Aid and Development, and Islamic Relief, applauded the generosity of some donors while encouraging others also to pledge their fair share.

03 Feb 2016 description


Five years into a conflict that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, conditions confronting civilians in Syria continue to deteriorate, particularly for children and youth. Warring parties continue to violate UN Security Council resolutions and international humanitarian law by deliberately and wantonly attacking civilians and civilian infrastructure, including homes, markets, schools and hospitals leaving a deadly legacy of Unexploded Ordnance.

03 Feb 2016 description
report World Vision

By Christine Murugami,
Regional Communications Advisor
World Vision East Africa

Driving through Boset in Ethiopia, the sight of donkeys, too many of them, carrying jerricans full of water, dot the landscape. The search for water is a full-time job, and one that isn’t always fruitful.

Failed rains mean that water points were not replenished and people have to travel long distances in search of water for drinking, household use and their animals. World Vision has trucked water over 100 kilometers to help save lives and reduce animal deaths.

02 Feb 2016 description
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Only scaled-up donor support can spare a generation the impact of Syrian conflict

AMMAN, Jordan, 2 February 2016 – The future of a generation of Syrian children and youth is in jeopardy unless donors meeting in London this week prioritise the funding needed to get them back to school, say aid agencies leading the response to the brutal conflict ravaging the country.

28 Jan 2016 description

Dans le cadre de la coordination des activités en faveur des personnes déplacées internes au Nord-Kivu, l’OIM a poursuivi l’exercice de contrôle biométrique mené depuis le début de l’année 2015 afin de vérifier et valider le nombre des bénéficiaires ciblés par l’assistance humanitaire dans différents sites sous sa coordination où la biométrie a déjà eu lieu.

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05 Feb 2016 description
job Closing date: 16 Feb 2016 World Vision


To provide assistance to WASH & Shelter Manager on implementing day to day activities, both in Turkey office as well as efficient coordination with the field team, in order to support refugees and internally displaced people (IDP) to access to water and sanitation and proper shelter according to the targets in WASH/SHELTER programs in Tukey/N. Syria Emergency Response.


05 Feb 2016 description
job Closing date: 01 Mar 2016 World Vision

Programme Director, World Vision Burundi

World Vision International

World Vision is a humanitarian, development and advocacy organisation devoted to improving the lives of children, families and their communities around the world. Our 45,000+ staff members working in more than 90 countries are united through our ethos, mission and shared desire for all individuals, especially children, to overcome poverty, inequality and injustice.

Here’s where you come in:

04 Feb 2016 description
job Closing date: 17 Feb 2016 World Vision


The Programme Officer will support the programmes team in the planning funding, implementation, evaluation and reporting of respective program operations. This PO position will focus heavily on supporting program design, donor/SO/partner engagement, information management and reporting.


· Coordinate project design, implementation, and evaluation with all relevant staff, using the defined processes.

04 Feb 2016 description
job Closing date: 16 Feb 2016 World Vision


Primary objectives: to determine the effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, equity and value for money of the project, in order to identify key lessons for organisation learning and action.

Secondary objectives: to determine the sustainability of the project and, where appropriate, its adaptability when faced with a change of context.

Duration: The duration of the consultancy service is total of 30 working days

Open for: National and International Consultant

04 Feb 2016 description
job Closing date: 15 Feb 2016 World Vision

Somalia Resilience Program


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26 Jan 2016 description
training Registration deadline: 11 Feb 2016 Training date: 11 Feb 2016 ALNAP, UN Human Settlements Program, International Rescue Committee, World Vision

The City We Need can survive, adapt, and grow no matter what type of crises, be they chronic stresses or acute shocks, it experiences. The City We Need is resilient.