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24 Oct 2016 description
report World Vision

World Vision is one of the first agencies to start supporting children at a new camp just 25km (15 miles) from Mosul, as a military offensive to re-take the city continues.

Child protection staff are creating safe spaces for children in the recently-constructed Zelican camp, north-east of Mosul.

The new camp comes as a military operation, announced a week ago, advances towards the city. Aid agencies fear that up to a million people could flee the fighting.

18 Oct 2016 description

Distribution Location Information

State: Warrap

County: Tonj North

Payam(s): Akop and Awul (Warrap)

Boma(s) (exact locations- landmarks): Athieng-puol, Akop, Bundir, Rual-malith, Pakuur and Warrap

GPS Coordinates: N/A

17 Oct 2016 description


  • As a result of the recent fighting in multiple locations across the country, mainly in Greater Equatoria and Greater Barh El Gazal, the population within the UN bases, NGOs and other collective centers have significantly increased. The cluster partners continue work to support those displaced population with shelter and basic household items under the modality of mobile teams being supported by pipeline supplies.

12 Oct 2016 description
report CARE, World Vision

October 12, Brussels – Multi-sectoral experts will meet in Brussels today to discuss the urgent issue of gender-based violence that is prevalent worldwide, and gets particularly worse in conflict and among displaced populations. For example, in camps and host communities, lack of security and inadequate protection leave women and girls vulnerable to rape and harassment. Women and girls are disproportionately more affected than men in times of crisis.

10 Oct 2016 description

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  • The El Niño induced drought resulted in 15 percent drop in regional cereal production from 29 million tonnes in 2015 to 26 million tonnes in 2016 which is about 11 percent decrease compared to the five-year average1 . Southern parts of Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar as well as most of Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Botswana and Namibia have been significantly affected by this drought.
    Approximately 40.8 million people (22.5% of rural population) will be food insecure in Southern Africa up to March 2017.

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18 Oct 2016 description
job Closing date: 01 Nov 2016 World Vision

World Vision International - Jordan:

11 Oct 2016 description
job Closing date: 25 Oct 2016 World Vision

World Vision International - Jordan:

11 Oct 2016 description
job Closing date: 31 Oct 2016 World Vision

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian, development and advocacy organisation devoted to improving the lives of children, families and their communities around the world. Our 45,000+ staff members working in more than 90 countries are united through our ethos, mission and shared desire for all individuals, especially children, to overcome poverty, inequality and injustice.

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job Closing date: 31 Oct 2016 World Vision


06 Oct 2016 description
job Closing date: 27 Oct 2016 World Vision

Are you looking for more than a job? At World Vision Canada we offer challenging careers that change the lives of children all over the world and it will change yours too. Come and be part of a team of over 500 Canadians with a vision for the world: Life in all its fullness for every child.