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29 May 2017 description

Situation Overview

  • The number of acute watery diarrhea (AWD)/ suspected cholera cases continue to increase at unprecedented level in Yemen. More than half of the total cases have been reported in Sana’a City (Amanat Al-Asimah), Hajjah, Amran and Sana’a governorates.

  • From 27 April to 24 May 2017, a total of 42,207 suspected cholera/ AWD cases were reported from 19 governorate. Out of the total reported cases, 420 deaths were reported (1% case fatality rate).

26 May 2017 description

On 25th of May ‘Voda Donbasa’ has informed WASH Cluster about accident on a 2nd Donetsk Water Way (2DWW), where main pipe d=1400 mm was broken, and a large leak was observed. Voda Donbasa has highlighted previously that key stretches to the 2DWW need urgent repairs. A 3.6 meters section will be patched by way of repair. Estimate time for this work is 1-2 days.

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