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09 May 2017 description

Over 2.9 million people in Somalia face crisis or emergency level acute food insecurity and need emergency food aid, as a result of below average to failed rains in many areas in 2016 that reduced crop production and harmed livestock. In the current April-June rainy season little to no rainfall occurred across much of Somalia in April, but rain has begun and is forecasted in May. Lack of potable water has accelerated an acute watery diarrhea/cholera outbreak with an estimated 32,000 cases reported since the beginning of the year.

18 Apr 2017 description

Aid organization workers continue to be killed, injured or kidnapped in the world’s most dangerous humanitarian crises. In 2016, there were 150 attacks on aid workers in 20 countries affecting 238 workers of which 88 were killed. In 2017 there were 35 aid workers killed in 22 attacks through March.

28 Mar 2017 description

According to the Yemen IPC NTWG, an estimated 17 million Yemenis, 60% of the population, are in crisis or worse (IPC phase 3 and 4) food insecurity due to ongoing conflict, restrictions on food and fuel imports, and high food prices. Access to ports is critical for commercial traders and humanitarian organizations, since Yemen is dependent on imports to meet basic food and fuel needs.

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