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16 Aug 2017 description

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“From the beginning, America has been a place that has cherished the freedom of worship. Sadly, many around the globe do not enjoy this freedom… [W]e pray for the strength and wisdom to achieve a better tomorrow – one where good people of all faiths, Christians and Muslims and Jewish and Hindu, can follow their hearts and worship according to their conscience.”
-- President Donald J. Trump

26 Jul 2017 description

The U.S. Department of State released the following fact sheet.

Today, the United States announced that it is providing more than $140 million in additional humanitarian assistance in Lebanon to address the urgent needs of refugees from Syria and those of Lebanese host communities. This announcement was made during the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s visit to Washington, DC.

22 Jul 2017 description

Port-au-Prince, le 21 juillet 2017 – Le Chargé d’Affaires Brian Shukan a rejoint le Ministère de la Santé Publique et de la Population et l’Agence Américaine pour le Développement International (USAID), pour lancer le programme dénommé Ranfòse Abitid Nitrisyon pou Fè Ogmante Sante (RANFOSE), le premier projet de renforcement alimentaire en Haïti.

Le projet RANFOSE devrait augmenter et rendre disponible sur le marché des aliments de base enrichis de haute qualité à travers le pays en renforçant la production locale et l’importation d’aliments enrichis.

28 Jun 2017 description

This year, the theme of the Trafficking in Persons Report is increasing criminal accountability of human traffickers and addressing challenges in prosecution—an essential component of the 3P paradigm of prosecution, protection, and prevention. As a former federal prosecutor in the United States and now as Ambassador-at-Large to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, this topic is deeply personal to me.

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