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10 Sep 2015 description

Bruxelles, 10 Septembre 2015. Un nouveau projet pilote de lutte contre la radicalisation et l'extrémisme violent dans la région du Sahel - Maghreb a été lancé aujourd'hui à Bruxelles lors d'une réunion en présence de représentants de haut niveau de l'Union européenne et des Nations Unies.

10 Sep 2015 description
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Brussels, 10 September 2015. A new pilot project to counter radicalization and violent extremism in the Sahel-Maghreb region has been launched in Brussels today during a meeting attended by high level officials from the European Union and the United Nations.


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17 Jul 2017 description
training Registration deadline: 27 Aug 2017 Training date: 16 Oct 2017 to 15 Dec 2017 UN Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute

The second edition of the specialized training on global threats to justice, peace and security which UNICRI launched in 2017, will take place from 16 October to 15 December 2017. The training combines the various areas of expertise developed by the Institute over the almost 50 years of its operation in the field of crime prevention and criminal justice.

This intensive course examines the evolution of crime and security threats and the international instruments and legal frameworks to prevent and counter old and new phenomena affecting countries all around the world.