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26 Apr 2017 description
report UN Population Fund

Geneva, Switzerland, 25 April 2017

Mr. Chair, Excellencies, Distinguished Delegates, Ladies and Gentlemen,

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) would like to thank OCHA, the esteemed Governments of Sweden and Switzerland for organizing today’s landmark event on the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. UNFPA is honored to participate in this event.

25 Apr 2017 description

Contexte et justification de la mission

La zone de Bakala s’était vidée de la quasi-totalité de sa population (estimée à 13 000 habitants), suite aux combats entre l’UPC (qui contrôlait jadis la zone) et la coalition (le groupe armé qui contrôle actuellement la zone). La population en fuite avait emprunté 3 directions, principalement : l’axe Bakala-Bambari (Sud-Est), l’axe Bakala-Grimari (Sud-Ouest) et axe Bakala-Mbrès (Nord-Ouest).

25 Apr 2017 description
report UN Population Fund

CHISEC, Guatemala – Like many girls in Pecajbá, in Guatemala, Gladys Azucena Cho Cuc was forced to drop out when she reached secondary school. The high school was simply too far from home.

In rural communities around here, girls travel an average distance of about 8 km to get to class. Their commute often takes them over corn fields and rivers, and some girls spend part of their journey in the dark.

24 Apr 2017 description

Introduction to the Study

The April 25 earthquake in Nepal and the subsequent aftershocks resulted in losses not only in terms of lives and physical infrastructures but also of historical, social, cultural and economic aspects of the country and its population. Thirty-one out of the 75 districts of Nepal were affected by this devastation with 14 of them located in the Central and Western mountains and hills including Kathmandu Valley and categorized by the Government of Nepal as the most affected1. An estimated 5.4 million people live in these 14 districts.

23 Apr 2017 description
report UN Population Fund

During conflict and other emergencies, women and girls, many of them pregnant or lactating mothers remain among the most severely affected groups. But for a visually-impaired mother with a new baby running to uncertainty, hope can only be restored when she realizes she is not alone after all.

LAMWO, Uganda: Forty-two year old Annet Night is visually impaired. She was due; expecting her fourth child when conflict broke out in her home village in Pajok, a community in Eastern Equatoria state of South Sudan.

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25 Apr 2017 description
job Closing date: 10 May 2017 UN Population Fund

Organizational Location and Context

The Finance Assistant position is located in the Procurement Services Branch (PSB) Copenhagen office. The position does not entail supervision or management of other staff, and will report to the Finance Specialist in PSB. The incumbent’s role is to maintain the accounts payable function; support the financial control of Third Party Procurement and carry out bookkeeping and accounting tasks in the ERP system.

Post duration:

1 year (with the possibility of extension)

20 Apr 2017 description
job Closing date: 02 May 2017 UN Population Fund

The Gender-Based Violence Information Management System (GBVIMS) Consultant will support data collection, consolidation and production of a 10-year anniversary report and related communications materials for the GBVIMS initiative.

18 Apr 2017 description
job Closing date: 02 May 2017 UN Population Fund

1. Organizational Location

Procurement Services Branch (PSB) in Copenhagen, this position is supervised by Finance Specialist PSB. It does not entail supervision or management to other staff.

2. Job Purpose

13 Apr 2017 description
job Closing date: 26 Apr 2017 UN Population Fund

TERMS OF REFERENCE for Development of Gender Mainstreaming Manual and Checklist for Health sector