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12 Aug 2017 description

TSF at the heart of Africa’s biggest refugee crisis

05 Jul 2017 description

President's message

20 Mar 2017 description


Formé dans l'océan Indien, le cyclone Enawo (catégorie 4) a frappé le 7 mars 2017 les côtes nord-est de Madagascar, dans la région d'Antalaha, accompagné de pluies diluviennes et de vents soufflant en rafales jusqu'à 290 km/h.

Il a le lendemain touché Antananarivo, la capitale située en plein centre de l'île, avant d'être reclassé par les services météorologiques en "dépression tropicale" puis de quitter le territoire malgache.

21 Feb 2017 description

Syria Crisis: Digital support for schools at the heart of the conflict

For over 6 years, Syrian children have been going through the worst humanitarian crisis in the modern world, to such an extent that its consequences go far beyond the country's frontiers. As the civil unrest continues to shake Syria, more and more children have no choice but to abandon their schooling. Whilst many have sought refuge outside of the country, over 30% (representing some 1.75 million children) remain out-of-school within Syria.

19 Dec 2016 description

We have all seen the images in the media. The death toll is rising in Aleppo as the days go by, whilst those who do manage to survive incessant bombing fight to flee the city.

In Syria since 2012, TSF connections in Aleppo have also fallen victim to the air strikes - the three connections initially set up for medical assistance in the city have been destroyed by bombs over the past few months.

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