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Theirworld is an innovative charity which helps children to fulfil their potential.

Through research, pilot projects and campaigning, Theirworld is at the forefront of testing and shaping new ideas to help give children in the United Kingdom and around the world the best possible start in life.

We are an international campaign with a diverse team from several countries. We have offices in London, New York, Los Angeles and Washington, DC.

Launched in 2013, we are now a movement of hundreds of thousands of people from more than 250 civil society, teacher, faiths, youth, business, international and non-governmental organisations. We have 500 Global Youth Ambassadors campaigning in 85 countries across the globe.

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16 Aug 2017 description
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The worst rains in 15 years have affected hundreds of thousands of people - with schools closed down and used to shelter those made homeless.

For a country still recovering from the effects of the 2015 earthquake, this week's floods in Nepal have been devastating.

The worst rains in 15 years caused flooding across huge areas that killed at least 115, left dozens missing and affected hundreds of thousands of people.

The total death toll from flooding in recent days across Nepal, India and Bangladesh is almost 250, with millions displaced.

07 Aug 2017 description
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Peter Atum tells of the many challenges he faces in educating displaced children from different countries and with limited resources.

Dadaab is a complex of refugee camps in eastern Kenya which hosts almost 250,000 people. Like any city, it has schools, hospitals and transport systems. Most of the refugees living there are from nearby Somalia - but there are also people from other countries including Ethiopia, South Sudan and Rwanda.

04 Aug 2017 description
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Periods of prolonged fear or abuse could have devastating physical and psychological consequences for children in later life.

In a war zone, toxic stress can be as much of an enemy for young children as armed fighters or bombs.

When exposed to periods of prolonged fear, chronic neglect or abuse, poverty and hunger, a child’s "stress response" will go into overdrive - with devastating consequences.

A young child’s brain architecture begins to change, leading to physical and mental health issues later on in life.

01 Aug 2017 description
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Home to 80,000 people, almost 21,000 children are in school in the massive camp in northern Jordan.

Five years ago this week, a temporary refugee camp was set up in Jordan to house refugees fleeing from neighbouring Syria.

Now Zaatari camp holds 80,000 people. Half of them are children including 27,000 of school age.

School enrolment rates have steadily risen and almost 21,000 are now attending classes, according to the United Nations children’s agency UNICEF. The original tented schools have been replaced by more permanent structures.

29 Jul 2017 description
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But $1.5 billion of pledges have still to come in - and more than 500,000 refugee children in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan are not yet getting an education.

International donors have delivered almost three-quarters of the money pledged for 2017 to help millions of Syrians forced out of their homes by the ongoing conflict - including getting children into school.