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13 Mar 2017 description

Terre des hommes (Tdh) is the first humanitarian organisation to bring emergency aid in the west of Mosul. We support children and their families displaced due to the fighting between Iraqi Security Forces and ISIS.

Emergency distribution took place last week in the informal camp of Tal Jarabia, an hour away from Mosul. Children and their families have found refuge there after the fighting to gain ground from ISIS has started. We are the first organisation to work in this newly regained area in the west of Mosul.

03 Mar 2017 description

Famine has been declared in some parts of South Sudan on February 20. This declaration is based on the highest level on the IPC scale* of food insecurity. It is only called out in the worst case scenario, where more than 20% of the families face acute food shortage and the death rate of children under five is higher than four deaths per 10,000 children a day. In some other parts of South Sudan, humanitarian actors talk of deaths of starvation and the urgent need of food and agricultural assistance.

21 Feb 2017 description

A humanitarian crisis is currently unfolding in the besieged town of Yei, in South Sudan, trapping 100,000 people. In response to the crisis, Swiss Church Aid (HEKS/EPER) and the children´s aid foundation, Terre des hommes have launched a CHF 1.5 million project, supported by Swiss Solidarity.

01 Jun 2016 description

A partnership to incubate, make and accelerate innovation to address humanitarian needs

Introductory note: the future of bottom-up humanitarian innovation is present

About six months ago ICRC and UNHCR triggered a growing flurry of activity and interest around the idea of a Global Humanitarian Lab. The energy was targeted at building momentum and buy in for two simple ideas:

13 May 2016 description

La situation de la Justice Juvénile au Mali

• 239 mineurs placés en détention à Bamako (2014)

• 386 mineurs mis en cause (2014)

• 270 cas de vols simples ou qualifiés (2014)

• 82 cas de coups et blessures volontaires contre 45 cas (2013).

• 146 garçons en situation d’ordonnances de placement (2014)

• 32 filles en situation d’ordonnances de placement (2014)

Sources : rapport de l’étude d’analyse situationnelle de la justice pour mineurs au Mali (déc. 2014)


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