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08 Oct 2015 description

― October 8th 2015 ― El Niño conditions are expected to severely hit Somalia during this year’s September to December rainy season (Deyr rainfall). This is likely to lead to a wetter than normal season with a very high risk of flooding in parts of the country. Members of the Somalia NGO Consortium have today warned that the effects of the increased rains will further deteriorate an already desperate humanitarian situation in Somalia. Between 500,000 - 900,000 people living alongside the Shabelle and Juba rivers are at risk of being affected by flooding.

17 Sep 2015 description

September 17, 2015

More than 240,000 people in Somaliland are severely food insecure due to a continuing drought in the region.

Somaliland is currently experiencing an acute drought that has affected more than 240,000 people (40,000 Households) due to the shortfall of the Gu (April-June) rains in 2014 and 2015. The most affected regions are Awdal, Maroodijeeh, and Gebiley, which are traditionally the main food producing regions. Other regions affected include Selel and Sahil.

07 May 2013 description


In February 2012, the international community met in London for an international conference on Somalia. The conference signalled the international community’s intent to catalyse support for the Federal Government of Somalia’s security sector, political transition, and recovery from conflict. During the conference, a number of commitments in the areas of political process, security, rule of law and financial transparency were made, focusing on the Federal Government and particularly on the situation in southern and central Somalia.

07 May 2013 description
NGO CALL TO ACTION -Somalia Conference London 2013

NGOs welcome increased international engagement on Somalia and the Somalia Conference is an opportunity to shape positively Somalia’s future. NGOs also recognize and welcome the achievements the Somali Federal Government has made to provide a foundation for progress and change in the last 8 months. Sustainable progress in security, justice and accountability in Somalia, building on gains already made, continues to be the shared goal.