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The NFI Monthly is a monthly publication of the NFI Sector of Syria Hub which is led by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. This publication aims to provide an overview of humanitarian response of the sector inside Syria for each month. All information presented in this publication are from all NFI sector members with operational presence inside Syria. For more information, please contact the sector.

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Aleppo Emergency Intervention

As of 20 January 2017, an estimated 121,000 people were reported affected in eastern Aleppo by the November 2016 incident and the skirmishes of the previous months. Of this figure, approximately 50,900 people have sought refuge in west Aleppo and are mainly staying with host families. Some 5,077 people, whose house were fully or partially damaged, continue to stay in Jibreen collective shelter. The rehabilitation of the last industrial halls by partners (i.e. DRC) is still ongoing.

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Shelter Projects is a bi-annual publication sharing experiences in humanitarian shelter projects following conflict and natural disasters.