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26 Feb 2015 description
report Save the Children

It isn’t until you arrive at Save the Children’s Ebola Treatment Centre in Kerry Town that you start to really appreciate the scale of the operation, and the number of people involved in making sure that it runs safely.

Over 600 national and more than 100 international staff work in this specialist medical centre 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

26 Feb 2015 description
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(26 February 2015) – Six months have passed since a ceasefire on 26 August 2014 ended over seven weeks of fighting between Israeli forces and Palestinian armed groups in the Gaza Strip. As UN agencies and international NGOs operating in Gaza, we are alarmed by the limited progress in rebuilding the lives of those affected and tackling the root causes of the conflict.

The Israeli-imposed blockade continues, the political process, along with the economy, are paralyzed, and living conditions have worsened.

23 Feb 2015 description
report Save the Children

An empty crèche for Ebola infants is a sign of a disease in decline but, for Yvonne and Matena, it also sparks vivid memories.

Both women are nurses at the Save the Children-run facility in Macenta, Guinea. They show me round the facility, where they’ve been looking after children who have lost parents or caregivers to Ebola, offering daily care and support until they can be reunited with their families.

But they are also Ebola survivors – brave women who have experienced enormous hardship and loss because of this deadly virus.

Yvonne’s story

20 Feb 2015 description

Key Sigues


  • El Gobierno en su plan de contingencia tiene un presupuesto inicial de 20 millones de bolivianos y ese presupuesto se va ir desembolsando en la medida de las necesidades y así poder cubrir las necesidades más básicas que municipios y gobernaciones no lo pueden hacer.

19 Feb 2015 description
report Save the Children

I’ve just returned from Zimbabwe, a country that has remained under the radar in recent years but is visibly strained by over a decade of economic hardship. Nowhere was this more visible than in the rural areas I visited as part of my work there and where many people’s everyday lives are a constant uphill struggle.

Budgeting for health

In my first week, I attended a World Health Organization budget advocacy workshop in Harare, which sought to develop the skills of health practitioners to influence the country’s budget allocations for health.


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27 Feb 2015 description
job Closing date: 13 Mar 2015 Save the Children

Objectives of the Review

General objective

To review the various models currently been deployed in the engagement and motivation or incentives provided to CVs in selected DFID states and programmes with focus on efficiency, sustainability and effectiveness; and to recommend the most appropriate approach to engage, retain and motivate CVs.

27 Feb 2015 description
job Closing date: 13 Mar 2015 Save the Children

General objective

  1. To increase beneficiary’s access to and impact of services for Nutrition,
  2. To develop beneficiaries capacity to demand for services and increase their influence in policy decisions
  3. To increase beneficiaries demand for nutritional services by increasing the voice of women and other identified marginalized citizens

4.Increase active engagement in addressing malnutrition through improved resources and political commitment for nutrition

Specific objectives

27 Feb 2015 description
job Closing date: 13 Mar 2015 Save the Children


WINNN delivers a number of evidence-based, cost-effective direct interventions for the prevention and treatment of malnutrition in children under 5, one of which is Infant and Young Child Feeding (IYCF).

27 Feb 2015 description
job Closing date: 15 Mar 2015 Save the Children

Save the Children is the world's leading independent organisation for children. We work in 120 countries. We inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children, and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.

We have an opportunity for a Senior Advisor, Knowledge and Learning to be based in our offices near Trafalgar Square in central London. The role is offered on the basis of a permanent contract.

27 Feb 2015 description
job Closing date: 17 Mar 2015 Save the Children

The role


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25 Feb 2015 description
training Registration deadline: 13 Sep 2015 Training date: 14 Sep 2015 to 16 Sep 2015 University of Manchester, Save the Children

A quest for humanitarian effectiveness? Debating the evolution of humanitarian action: history, practice, politics and performance

This conference, jointly organised by the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute (HCRI) and Save the Children’s Humanitarian Affairs Team (HAT), will reflect on the evolution and consequence of existing approaches to understanding and improving humanitarian effectiveness. But it will also explore effects of humanitarian action (in historical and contemporary context) that tend not to be captured by the conventional discourse on effectiveness.

13 Feb 2015 description
training Registration deadline: 09 Mar 2015 Training date: 03 May 2015 to 06 Nov 2015 Save the Children

The Humanitarian Operations Programme is an intensive six month programme combining a practical learning with intensive academic study. Designed to build the next generation of humanitarian workers, the programme draws on extensive expertise and experience of humanitarian practitioners to cover all the essential aspects of emergency response required for humanitarian personnel. It is a practitioner-led learning and mentoring programme which involves face-to-face classroom learning, simulation training, distance learning and personal reflection as well as personal study.