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26 Mar 2017 description

The weekend rescues mean that about 22,000 mainly African migrants have been picked up heading to Italy so far this year

ROME, March 26 (Reuters) - Humanitarian ships rescued almost 1,200 migrants who were crossing the Mediterranean Sea at the weekend on an array of small, tightly packed boats, Doctors Without Borders said on Sunday.

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26 Mar 2017 description

The US-led coalition on Saturday said it carried out a strike on Islamic State militants and equipment in the area of the reported deaths, but it was still investigating

BAGHDAD, March 26 (Reuters) - Iraqi's military said on Sunday 61 bodies had been recovered from a collapsed building that was boobytrapped by Islamic State in Western Mosul, but there was no sign it had been hit by a coalition strike though a large vehicle bomb was discovered nearby.

(Reporting by Baghdad bureau; writing by Patrick Markey; editing by Susan Thomas)

25 Mar 2017 description

"Today people have had enough," said Armindo Gomes, one of the activists behind the protest. "We are heading right up to [President] Jose Mario Vaz's bed to make him leave by force."

  • Public anger growing at political impasse

  • Parliament has not convened for more than one year

  • Diplomats fear crisis may be exploited by drug traffickers

By Alberto Dabo

25 Mar 2017 description

by Reuters
Saturday, 25 March 2017 16:37 GMT

Reports on the numbers of civilian casualties have varied but the Civil Defence chief said rescue teams had recovered 40 bodies

  • UN says stunned by civilian deaths in explosion

  • Fleeing residents speak of demolished buildings, deaths

  • As many as 600,000 civilians remain in area (Adds US military statement confirming a March 17 strike)

By Patrick Markey

25 Mar 2017 description

by Reuters
Friday, 24 March 2017 10:00 GMT

East Mosul staggers back to life but the scars of IS rule remain * East Mosul staggers back to life

  • Men seek work, clear rubble

  • Scars of IS rule remain

  • Battle goes on across the river

By John Davison

MOSUL, Iraq, March 24 (Reuters) - Eastern Mosul is coming back to life. In the few weeks since Iraqi forces drove Islamic State from this side of the city, markets have opened and bulldozers have begun to clear the debris left by battle.

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