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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back in Myanmar

By Sarnata Reynolds

Since a wave of violence displaced tens of thousands of Rohingya in June 2012, RI has visited Myanmar four times to document their humanitarian situation, publicize their persecution, and demand that the international community pursue a remedy for them as part of the normalization of relations with the Myanmar government. Now RI is returning to the country to push again for progress.

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Lebanon + 1 other
A Daily Struggle to Survive: Syrian Refugees in Lebanon (Field Report, 11 September 2014)

A new report stresses that transition from emergency to development aid cannot simply be based on how much time has passed. Emergency assistance is still vital for many refugees.

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Kenya + 1 other
Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Somali Refugees in Kenya

A new report details the pressures refugees feel on multiple fronts. It calls for better protection and assistance for urban refugees in Kenya and returnees to Somalia.

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Thailand + 1 other
The Tide Is Turning for Burmese in Thailand, But Which Way?

Thailand’s migration and refugee policies have shifted since the military’s coup d’état in May. The Thai junta has initiated a policy of labor reforms, including a crackdown on undocumented migrant workers to allegedly combat corruption and human trafficking.

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Somalia + 4 others
In the Horn of Africa, Saudi's Mass Deportations Have Devastating Impact

In November of 2013, the government of Saudi Arabia began expelling large numbers of foreign nationals, including some 550,000 Yemenis, 180,000 Ethiopians, and 36,000 Somalis. While there has been little international attention or condemnation of these deportations, the returning individuals and their countries of origin have suffered many logistical, economic, and social ramifications due to this decision.