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20 Nov 2015 description

Authors: Michael Boyce and Francisca Vigaud-Walsh


Since April 2015, Burundi has been descending into chaos, forcing more than 200,000 civilians to flee to neighboring countries. But these well-documented refugee flows are only part of a larger, more disturbing story. The impunity and targeted persecution that exists in Burundi today has resulted in the internal displacement of untold thousands of Burundians, with some in hiding and too scared to even seek humanitarian assistance.

23 Oct 2015 description

This week in Bonn, a last round of formal negotiations on a critical new agreement are underway in preparation for the 21st Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to take in Paris from 30 November.

Recommendations from the Advisory Group on Climate Change and Human Mobility, including IDMC, to government delegates are set out in this note positioning displacement, migration and planned relocation issues in response to the latest draft of the text.

06 Oct 2015 description

We, a group of experts, met at Georgetown University on August 24, 2015 to discuss ways to improve responses to the current situation of internally displaced persons (IDPs). The workshop concluded that there is urgent need to raise the visibility of IDPs in two principal regards: gaining access to IDPs in acute crises, such as Syria, in order to provide effective protection; and finding solutions for IDPs in the many protracted situations of displacement that have already lasted for decades.