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Kenyan Government Cracking Down on Somali Refugees

By Mark Yarnell

Four months ago, the Kenyan government launched a major crackdown against Somali refugees living in urban areas that involved mass arrests, extortion, and even deportations back to Somalia. This week, my colleague, Alice Thomas, and I are traveling to Kenya to assess the deteriorating situation for those refugees.

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Thousands of Vulnerable Mexican Children Pushed Back from U.S. Border

Washington, D.C. -- An estimated 25 percent of the unaccompanied children now arriving at America’s southern border are Mexican, according to data obtained by Refugees International (RI), yet the vast majority of these children are turned around at the border without ever speaking to an asylum officer. This is true even though many are fleeing persecution by organized criminal groups and forced recruitment into cartels. RI is urging the U.S. government to stop pushing back these children and start individual hearings to evaluate their cases.

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North Kivu’s Long, Rocky Road to Stability

The deployment of the United Nations Force Intervention Brigade and the expulsion of the M23 rebel group have led many to herald a new era of peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s North Kivu province. Yet much of the province remains unsafe, many humanitarian needs are not being met, and stability over the long-term is far from guaranteed.

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Mexico’s Unseen Victims

Mexico’s Drug War Forcing Thousands to Flee

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Katanga in Crisis

Almost 20 per cent of all Congolese IDPs are currently in Katanga. The UN’s Strategic Response Plan for the DRC is funded at only 24 per cent, which has made it difficult to scale-up aid.