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26 Nov 2016 description
report RedR UK

Omar Mahammad is Community Mobilisation Coordinator with the NGO International Relief and Development (IRD) in Za’atari camp, Jordan - home to more than 80,000 Syrian refugees. He attended RedR’s ‘Protection’ training in October of this year. Here, Omar explains why it's so important that humanitarian staff working in Za'atari are well-versed in the principles of protection.

27 Aug 2016 description
report RedR UK

For the past six months, a wide range of actors have been working to develop the Sudan National Sanitation and Hygiene Strategic Framework, which will help to speed and scale up efforts to improve sanitation and hygiene services and practices across the country. WASH expert Sarah House explains RedR’s contribution to this vital initiative.

12 Jul 2016 description
report ALNAP, RedR UK


On the 12-14 January 2016, RedR held a pilot of the Shelter in Urban Emergencies course, delivered as part of RedR’s ‘Ready to Respond’ programme, funded by Lloyd’s Charities Trust. The course was developed for shelter practitioners with limited urban experience and addresses the social, legal, institutional and technical aspects of urban shelter response and related crosscutting issues.

10 Mar 2016 description
report RedR UK

Imagine your aid agency has operations in a country where homosexuality is illegal. A lesbian candidate applies for a family posting and wishes to take her civil partner with her. Where does your organisation stand? What are the legal issues around equal opportunities? What about possible safety implications?


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14 Apr 2017 description
job Closing date: 31 Dec 2017 RedR UK

Purpose: The Purpose of this role is to assist the Finance team with day-to-day financial aspects and administrative duties as well adhering to financial requirements of the office

Responsible to: Finance and Programme Support Coordinator

Responsible for: None

Working with: MENA Programmes Team

Location: Amman, Jordan

Post: Full-time/ Part-time (negotiable)

Period: 6 months contract

Expenses: RedR will reimburse daily allowance of JD 10 for each working day as fixed rate to cover lunch and transportation expenses


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18 May 2017 description
training Registration deadline: 19 Jun 2017 Training date: 03 Jul 2017 to 11 Aug 2017 RedR UK

About the course

15 May 2017 description
training Registration deadline: 23 Oct 2017 Training date: 06 Nov 2017 to 09 Nov 2017 RedR UK


15 May 2017 description
training Registration deadline: 29 Sep 2017 Training date: 10 Oct 2017 to 12 Oct 2017 RedR UK

This three day course will provide the knowledge and tools to help mainstream gender, age and disability into all interventions so that organisations move beyond simply the desire to be inclusive and into the reality of meeting minimum standards of inclusion. This should result in building better programmes which reduce risks faced by vulnerable groups and respond to those most in need.

10 May 2017 description
training Registration deadline: 15 Jun 2017 Training date: 19 Jun 2017 to 23 Jun 2017 RedR UK

Training of Trainers for the Humanitarian Sector (US)

Date: 19 - 23 Jun 2017
Length: 5 days
Location: New York, USA
Residential: No

This course is being delivered in New York City, USA

09 May 2017 description
training Registration deadline: 16 Jun 2017 Training date: 26 Jun 2017 to 28 Jun 2017 RedR UK

About the course

This is an intensive, dynamic hostile environment awareness training (HEAT) course where you will discuss, learn and apply approaches and measures to improve your personal security when living and working in insecure environments. Personal Safety in Emergencies has been designed specifically from an NGO perspective to provide the most relevant and challenging training for NGO workers.