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23 Mar 2015 description
report RedR UK

I have been taught that if I see a person unconscious I should remove anything dangerous and check if they are breathing, clear the airway then check circulation by checking their pulse. I will then put them in the recovery position and wait for help to arrive.'

Sawera Saad is eight years old. She attends school in Pakistan’s Lower Dir region, an area where natural and man-made disasters are a real risk.

16 Mar 2015 description
report RedR UK

16 March 2015

RedR is responding to the devastation wreaked upon Vanuatu by cyclone Pam, sending experts on food, shelter, water, and child protection.

The category five storm, which ripped through the island nation on 13th-14th March, has been described as a ‘monster that has hit Vanuatu,’ by the Pacific nation state’s president, Baldwin Lonsdale.

He added: ‘All the development which has taken place (here) has been wiped out.’

15 Dec 2014 description
report RedR UK

This paper has been commissioned by RedR to identify gaps in skills, technology, and knowledge in urban humanitarian response in order to inform RedR’s project Ready to Respond which is looking to address these gaps in two specific areas:


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28 Jan 2016 description
job Closing date: 07 Feb 2016 RedR UK


RedR UK trains life-savers by giving people the skills to prepare for, and respond to major disasters like earthquakes, floods, conflict and drought. In 2014 almost 6,400 humanitarian aid workers were trained in 41 countries and the development of national humanitarian organizations and national aid workers in disaster-affected countries is at the forefront of our work.

22 Jan 2016 description
job Closing date: 18 Feb 2016 RedR UK

Freelance Associate Trainers

We are always looking for qualified, experienced individuals to join our pool of RedR freelance Associate Trainers and Consultants to contribute to our programme of training humanitarian workers. Our Associate Trainers are engaged in many ways, including development of new training materials, delivery of training courses and organization and facilitation of capacity building events.


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03 Feb 2016 description
training Registration deadline: 21 Feb 2016 Training date: 13 Mar 2016 to 16 Mar 2016 RedR UK

Date: Feb - Jul 2016
Location: Amman, Jordan
Residential: Yes

Do you want to learn core humanitarian skills? Or are you a manager ready to help your staff to step up as leaders of humanitarian interventions?

18 Jan 2016 description
training Registration deadline: 19 Sep 2016 Training date: 26 Sep 2016 to 30 Sep 2016 RedR UK

HELPAbout the course:

Logistics activities account for a very large proportion of the costs involved in a disaster relief operation. Logisticians explore ways of minimising costs while maximising the impact of aid in order to ensure effective humanitarian response. This course aims to help you develop the competencies needed to manage field logistics in a humanitarian context.

18 Jan 2016 description
training Registration deadline: 12 Sep 2016 Training date: 19 Sep 2016 to 23 Sep 2016 RedR UK

Providing access to safe water and sanitation is a fundamental human right and is essential to any humanitarian response. Water and sanitation programming, alongside hygiene promotion, is key to reducing deaths from water-related diseases in emergency contexts. This highly participatory course, with group exercises and theory based sessions, provides an overview of WASH in emergencies, identifying key issues and training participants on key technical skills.

18 Jan 2016 description
training Registration deadline: 18 Mar 2017 Training date: 25 Mar 2017 RedR UK

This one-day workshop is an essential introduction for anyone interested in a career in the humanitarian sector. You will hear first hand experiences from individuals who have been involved in humanitarianism, learn about the nature of humanitarian relief, and look at the skills you have to bring to the sector.

18 Jan 2016 description
training Registration deadline: 06 Mar 2016 Training date: 13 Mar 2017 to 17 Mar 2017 RedR UK

Are you ready for the realities of relief work? Essentials of Humanitarian Practice will give you an insight into life working in the field. This workshop also aims to increase your understanding of the characteristics of emergencies induced by natural disasters and conflict and the requirements for an effective humanitarian response. You will learn how to work in a team in an emergency environment and identify individual responsibilities.