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12 May 2014 description
report RedR UK

‘I carried my nephews through the surges the typhoon caused. I was a council worker, but I found myself up to my neck in water, with two boys raised above my head to keep them safe.’ Kenneth Renera was one of the estimated 11 million people caught in and affected by Typhoon Haiyan, which struck the Philippines on November 8-9 2013.

Today, thanks in part to RedR UK, he is one of millions of Philippines nationals working to ensure he, his community, and his country recover, and are better protected in future.

31 Jan 2014 description
report RedR UK

The ongoing conflict in northern Kenya and Somalia has seen the region become increasingly unstable. KIRA, an ongoing programme led by RedR and UNOCHA, ran an orientation session in the region last month to engage with local stakeholders from the affected communities.

03 Sep 2013 description

Executive Summary

This evaluation report aims to provide an independent assessment of the performance of the Kenya Initial Rapid Assessment (KIRA) in phase I from June 2012 – May.

04 Feb 2013 description
report RedR UK

Everything they had was washed away; but RedR training means that next time floods come to Sindh, they won’t lose their homes.

Premi and her family live in Rojhi Kholi, a small village of 50 families in Pakistan’s Sindh Province. The Sindh is typically hot and dry, and when rain falls twice a year, it is just enough to irrigate the crops. Premi and her husband work are cotton farmers like most of the others in their village. Each month they earn just £19. Making ends meet is a real struggle, but they usually have enough to eat, because the land is fertile.

12 Nov 2012 description
report RedR UK

One hidden aspect of emergency response is the psychological toll it takes on aid workers, especially in challenging humanitarian situations like Darfur, Sudan. When RedR began work in the troubled region in 2005, we immediately saw the need to create a programme of training and support to help humanitarian staff cope with the insecurity and stress that comes with the job.


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05 Nov 2014 description
training Registration deadline: 03 Feb 2015 Training date: 16 Feb 2015 to 20 Feb 2015 RedR UK

About the Course

05 Nov 2014 description
training Registration deadline: 20 Jan 2015 Training date: 02 Feb 2015 to 06 Feb 2015 RedR UK

About The Course

30 Oct 2014 description
training Registration deadline: 06 Jan 2015 Training date: 19 Jan 2015 to 23 Jan 2015 RedR UK

About the course
Personal security training is crucial for anyone working in an insecure or hostile environment. This course has been designed to provide the most relevant and challenging training, specifically from an NGO perspective for NGO workers.

29 Oct 2014 description
training Registration deadline: 21 Dec 2014 Training date: 22 Dec 2014 to 23 Dec 2014 RedR UK

Report writing (2 days)

Report Writing can be a challenge for any person in the organization. In the relief sector, there is often the additional challenge of reporting what has been done, while still engaging and valuing staff working in stressful and chaotic environments.

Writing reports is for a purpose. Report writing must not defeat its objective. When you are asked to write a report, you are expected to competently analyze that information, draw consistent conclusions, and make sensible and practical recommendations in your report

29 Oct 2014 description
training Registration deadline: 15 Dec 2014 Training date: 16 Dec 2014 to 17 Dec 2014 RedR UK

Proposal Writing (2 days)

Ability of NGOs to deliver aid is dependent on access to funds. Ability to receive donors’ funding depends on the quality of project proposal. This course will focus on aspects what make proposals effective and successful.