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28 Nov 2014 description
report Radio Dabanga

SARAF UMRA(27 Nov.) -

A farmer has been killed, and two women injured in separate attacks by militiamen on displaced inhabitants of Saraf Umra locality, North Darfur.

Mohammed Idris Mohammed of camp Jebel was shot and killed when he tried to prevent a number of pastoralists and their livestock from entering his farm in the Karanbang Valley, South Saraf Umra.

A Witness told Radio Dabanga that at 10 pm on Tuesday that the pro- government militiamen opened fire on Mohammed and shot him dead.

27 Nov 2014 description
report Radio Dabanga

MERSHING LOCALITY (26 Nov .) - In an attack on a vehicle by seven militiamen in South Darfur on Tuesday, 15 people were killed and 13 others injured. The incident occurred in Wadi Tabbaldin, 15 km east of Manawashi in Mershing locality, South Darfur.

Sheikh Omer Mohammed Ahmed told Radio Dabanga that a number of civilians, mostly elders and Holy Koran memorisers, had been to Hamada, one of the villages to which the displaced have begun to return, to participate in the opening of the village market.

26 Nov 2014 description
report Radio Dabanga

ED DAEIN (26 Nov.) - The head of Sudan’s Council of States, Ambli Abdulla El Ajab confirmed the worsening of the situation in East Darfur and difficulty containing the conflict between Rizeigat and Ma'aliya tribesmen.

Speaking during the Council of States’ visit to East Darfur, the Deputy- Head of the Council Badawi El Khair said that “the establishment of the State was not successful” and demanded the rehabilitation of the state administration. He said it should “focus on the work on its localities instead of partnership with Ed Daein”.

26 Nov 2014 description
report Radio Dabanga

SIRBA (25 Nov.) - Doctors and workers at Sirba hospital in West Darfur have gone on strike in protest against the arrest and beating of health assistant Adam Ishag Dardama on Sunday.

Security forces reportedly detained Dardama, beat and tortured him for about 7 hours before releasing him.

The Coordinator of Sirba camps told Radio Dabanga that at 3 pm on Sunday, three Security force agents stormed Dardama’s home. He was released at 9 p.m. on Sunday after suffering hours of abuse.

26 Nov 2014 description
report Radio Dabanga

KALMA CAMP (25 Nov.) - On Monday morning, 98 displaced villagers from the Labado area in East Darfur arrived at camp Kalma East. The fled their homes when pro-government militiamen burned their villages on Friday.

Saleh Mohamed Issa, the Secretary-General of the Kalma camps told Radio Dabanga that the newcomers came from the villages of Chawa and Tebeldiyat Timan.

Issa said that the newly displaced reported that in addition to the villages, vast areas of farms were destroyed. Abdel Jabbar Adam Suleiman and Juma Yousif Adam were seriously injured in the attacks.