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22 Feb 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

Militiamen threaten camp residents of Sortony in Kabkabiya, North Darfur, causing insecurity for people venturing out of the camp for displaced people. A shortage of teachers and classrooms poses a disadvantage for the displaced children.

A coordinator for the camps in Kabkabiya locality told Radio Dabanga that the displaced in Sortony currently live in “a state of siege by militants”. “They prevent them by force of arms from going out to collect firewood.

20 Feb 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

The medical director of the Dongola Specialist Hospital in northern Sudan reports that the hospital admitted 20 cases of watery diarrhoea last week.

On Thursday, Dr Moataz El Amin said in a press statement that the hospital received 20 people suffering from acute watery diarrhoea from the El Gaab valley, west of Dongola, where private miners are seeking for gold.

He said that the Dongola health authorities moved to El Gaab to curb the spread of the disease among the miners by water chlorination and distributing “protective pills”.

16 Feb 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

The camps for the displaced in Kass locality in South Darfur and Tawila in North Darfur are experiencing a severe shortage of health and water services, which is leading to a deterioration in the environment.

Abdelrahman Abdullah Mohammed, the head Sheikh of the camps in Kass told Radio Dabanga on Tuesday that there are only two health centres in the 37 camps for 187,000 displaced people amid an acute shortage in medicines and medical personnel.

14 Feb 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

The rate of cholera infection which is claimed by Sudan’s government to be acute watery diarrhoea has resumed rising in El Gedaref after it has seen a drop down over the past period.

A health source told Radio Dabanga that the isolation ward at El Gedaref hospital is overcrowded with cholera infected patients.

“The number of cases in El Gedaref Hospital isolation ward is more than 20, while the average daily visit to the hospital amounts to five cases,” he said.

08 Feb 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

Two new cases of cholera were admitted to the isolation room at Port Sudan Hospital on Sunday. A native administration leader in Toker locality died of cholera that day.

Eisa Tahir Hamid was one of the notables of Toker locality in Red Sea state. The news of his death follows the report of three people who died from cholera in Red Sea last week.