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26 Apr 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

Thousands of refugees from South Kordofan have arrived in Pamir camp in South Sudan, after being forced to leave Yida camp because of a shortage of food.

10,000 new refugees from the Nuba Mountains have arrived in Pamir in Ruwang, a reporter at the scene told Radio Dabanga. The refugees that have reached the camp in the past three months mostly come from Yida, after humanitarian organisations there have scaled down food and aid activities last year.

11 Apr 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

April 7 - 2017 NYALA

More than twenty people died of unknown disease in Otash and Kalma camps near Nyala in the past two weeks. Most of the victims are children and elderly people.

A sheikh in Otash camp for displaced people said that sixteen people had died, while another sheikh in Kalma camp reported that seven people died in two weeks' time.

They pointed out to Radio Dabanga that the symptoms of the disease are fever and severe headache among children, and diarrhoea among elderly people. Doctors believe these are symptoms of typhoid and giardiasis.

11 Apr 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

April 9 - 2017 EL GEDAREF

Another cholera patient died in eastern Sudan’s El Gedaref state last week.

“One person died of cholera, and four new cases were reported in the area of Shueib in Gireisha locality on Thursday and Friday,” a medical source told Radio Dabanga.

He strongly criticised the state’s Health Ministry for “its lack of interest in combating cholera and curbing its spread”. He also ridiculed the federal Ministry of Health that continues to define the disease as watery diarrhoea.

Blue Nile state

04 Apr 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

Isolation centres in El Gedaref received dozens of new cholera patients last week. Two of them have died.

In various parts of the eastern Sudanese state, people are suffering from the infectious disease, a health source told Radio Dabanga on Sunday.

“Between 25-29 March, the two isolation centres in Shu'ayb and Gureisha received 66 new cases. Two of them passed away,” he said.

“The El Saraf El Ahmar isolation centre received nine patients on Saturday and Sunday, while the El Mahala isolation centre admitted five people.”

21 Mar 2017 description
report Radio Dabanga

(UPDATE 21/03/2017 09:00) More than 47 people have been infected with cholera in El Gallabat locality in eastern Sudan between Friday and Monday. A patient succumbed to the disease last week.

The woman died in El Jinan, El Gallabat West locality, on Thursday, where three people were also infected with the disease.