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01 Apr 2016 description
report Qatar Charity

The project provides clean drinking water for 24,000 people from several villages near the River Nile.

Al Kuwairi:

QC's main goals for establishing water plants are to improve the public health of poor communities and to control diseases resulting from polluted water.

Al Fadni:

The expertise of QC and Islamic Dawa Organization in the field of water will be made use of in other African countries.

07 Mar 2016 description
report Qatar Charity

Al Kuwairi,

"Coordination and cooperation between active humanitarian actors is necessary to offer better services, and humanitarian and development programs to the countries of the Sahel."

Mr. Toby Lanzer,

"We cannot stop the reasons behind the people's needs in Sahel unless we work using a methodology based on security, development and humanitarian work."

29 Feb 2016 description
report Qatar Charity

the Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen: Challenges and Prospects of Humanitarian Response concluded its sessions and workshops.

The conference was organized by QC in partnership with 13 humanitarian, regional and international organizations. It was attended by more than 90 humanitarian, regional and international organizations; and more than 150 experts and specialists in the fields of relief and humanitarian response.

25 Jan 2016 description
report Qatar Charity

The agreement included allocating 2,000,000 QC and distributing milk to 6,000 children in Syria

QC and Asmakh Charity Foundation signed two agreements to implement relief projects for the people of Madaya in Syria at a cost of 2,000,000 QR. Through this agreement, the people of the city, who are more than 40,000 and suffer from severe famine, will be provided with the basic supplies.

Mr. Yousef bin Ahmed Al Kuwari, QC's CEO and its Representative; and Mr. Ibrahim Ali Abdullah, Afif's CEO and its Representative; signed these agreements.

Saving Dignity

07 Dec 2015 description
report Qatar Charity

As part of its periodic inspection, a delegation from Al Maha Medical visited Al Amal Hospital, in Reyhanlı, which QC had helped establish and is currently contributing to its operation. Such cooperation is considered to be the introduction of a future joint work in offering medical consultation and contributing to conducting studies, making relief plans, and suggesting solutions.