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30 May 2016 description
report Qatar Charity
  • QC continues its efforts in offering urgent aids to Aleppo and mobilizing financial support for its relief campaign

  • Al Kuwairi: We thank and pray for all philanthropists and donors who help alleviate the sufferings of the distressed Aleppo

  • Sheikh Al Husseini: Helping the needy is helping ourselves since the reward for doing so is great

  • Sheikh Al Bassyoni: Aleppo is now the most dangerous region worldwide. Relieving our brothers and sisters in Syria is a must.

30 May 2016 description
report Qatar Charity
  • Niger comes third in the countries aided by Rohama Qatar delegation

  • Nasser Al Megheiseb: What distinguishes Rohama initiative is that it focuses on the developmental aspect of the regions it aids.

Supported by QC, the delegation of Rohama initiative finished its exploratory trip to Niger so as to check upon the Nigerians and to aid 400 families that suffer from poverty. The delegation provided the villages and orphanages with some food supplies and basic needs.

12 May 2016 description
report Qatar Charity
  • QC allocates Tafreej Korba revenues for 'Relieve Aleppo' campaign in cooperation with Quran Radio

  • Al Ka'bi: We started distributing drinking water to people, wheat to bakeries and milk to babies. We are working on distributing ambulances.

QC continues offering its urgent relief aids to the people of Aleppo through its field team. The team identifies the needs then offers food and health relief services based on the results.

01 Apr 2016 description
report Qatar Charity

The project provides clean drinking water for 24,000 people from several villages near the River Nile.

Al Kuwairi:

QC's main goals for establishing water plants are to improve the public health of poor communities and to control diseases resulting from polluted water.

Al Fadni:

The expertise of QC and Islamic Dawa Organization in the field of water will be made use of in other African countries.

07 Mar 2016 description
report Qatar Charity

Al Kuwairi,

"Coordination and cooperation between active humanitarian actors is necessary to offer better services, and humanitarian and development programs to the countries of the Sahel."

Mr. Toby Lanzer,

"We cannot stop the reasons behind the people's needs in Sahel unless we work using a methodology based on security, development and humanitarian work."