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25 Jan 2016 description
report Qatar Charity

The agreement included allocating 2,000,000 QC and distributing milk to 6,000 children in Syria

QC and Asmakh Charity Foundation signed two agreements to implement relief projects for the people of Madaya in Syria at a cost of 2,000,000 QR. Through this agreement, the people of the city, who are more than 40,000 and suffer from severe famine, will be provided with the basic supplies.

Mr. Yousef bin Ahmed Al Kuwari, QC's CEO and its Representative; and Mr. Ibrahim Ali Abdullah, Afif's CEO and its Representative; signed these agreements.

Saving Dignity

07 Dec 2015 description
report Qatar Charity

As part of its periodic inspection, a delegation from Al Maha Medical visited Al Amal Hospital, in Reyhanlı, which QC had helped establish and is currently contributing to its operation. Such cooperation is considered to be the introduction of a future joint work in offering medical consultation and contributing to conducting studies, making relief plans, and suggesting solutions.

09 Nov 2015 description
report Qatar Charity
  • QC sets aside 100,000,000 QR, IDB 25,550,000 QR, IHH 10,950,000 QR, The Islamic Dawah Organization 3,000,000 QR, and the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) 3,900,000 QR. It is also expected that Cooperation agreements will be signed with Silatech and Reach Out to Asia.

  • The conference recommended paying economic attention to the reinforcement of the Syrians' skills and of their education.

09 Nov 2015 description
report Qatar Charity
  • Al Suliti, “We prioritize providing the displaced Syrians with shelters since it is almost winter and the number of displaced people has recently increased.”

500 Syrian families benefited from ‘Mukhayyam Al Rahma’ (Mercy Camp) Project implemented by QC, which does not spare any effort to help the Syrians.

Considered to be part of ‘Sanad Ahl Al Sham’ campaign, this project is implemented for the benefit of the displaced Syrian families living in the countryside of Hama near the Turkey-Syria borders.

Dignity Protection

26 Oct 2015 description
report Qatar Charity
  • Al Kuwari: The Aids have included all the basic and necessary elements of shelter, food, drugs, and education.
  • Out of the shelter projects, 760,776 hardest-hit people have benefited, out of food, 2,991,000 million population has benefited, out of health, 1,936,386 million people have benefited, and out of education, 394,905 people have benefited.
  • Out of the biggest shelter projects, Al Rayyan City and Al Doha Charitable City at the Turkish-Syrian borders, each of which includes 1000 housing units.

6,083,517 million hardest-hit people out of Syrian …