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14 Aug 2015 description
report Pulitzer Center


LALISH, Iraq — One year ago, ISIS militants turned their savagery on the Yazidis, a religious minority that has lived and worshiped in the mountains of northern Iraq since at least the 12th century. The radicals, on a rampage through the region, stormed Yazidi villages executing and abducting thousands, in what was described as an attempted genocide.

Before the world fully grasped what was happening, the bodies of local men were dumped in mass graves while their wives and daughters were sold into sexual slavery.

10 Aug 2015 description
report Pulitzer Center

By Hugh Eakin and Alisa Roth

27 Jul 2015 description
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SBEITLA, Tunisia — At gate to the mosque in Hayy Sourour in Sbeitla, deep in Tunisia’s arid interior region of Kasserine, the main door is missing. Two of the three green doors remain under a simple sign identifying the place of worship. Mosque Ibn Taymiyya is named after the 13th century sheikh known for setting the precedent of takfir, or declaring other Muslims infidels and requiring warfare against them.

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04 Jun 2015 description
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KONO, Sierra Leone — A recent two-week visit to Kono, a remote and rural district in Sierra Leone, showed that trust is at the heart of a nonprofit’s effort to combat not only the spread of Ebola but the world’s worst infant mortality rate.

There, a small nonprofit called the Wellbody Alliance is grappling with the loss of trust caused by the Ebola epidemic, and working to rebuild that trust with a bold new program.