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Compostela residents hit by typhoon "Pablo" get new Red Cross houses

Compostela Valley, Philippines -- Thousands of residents whose houses were destroyed by typhoon Pablo in 2012 are now proud owners of homes built for them by the Red Cross.

Rosalinda Paulinio, resident of Barangay Macopa, Compostela Valley, said that she not only lost her house to the typhoon ' but also my husband. [I got left with my] four children and a TV set [after typhoon Pablo]. "

She said that her family, like many others, were only able to survive due to the assistance from the Red Cross and "what little savings my husband had before he died."

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Red Cross starts construction of schools in Tacloban

Tacloban, Philippines -- A joint project by the Philippine and Chinese Red Cross to build school rooms for thousands of children in Tacloban is underway, after construction began this month.

Philippine Red Cross Chairman Richard Gordon recently inspected the transitional schools being built in the village of Basper, Tacloban, as they were being erected to ensure that the construction was proceeding on schedule.

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Chinese Red Cross to build transitional schools in Tacloban

Manila, Philippines -- Out of a sense of responsibility for helping in the aftermath of typhoon Yolanda, the Chinese Red Cross is building transitional classrooms for thousands of schoolchildren in Tacloban, Leyte, a first for this society which has started to modernize after an earthquake that claimed thousands of lives hit China in 2008.

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Chinese Embassy donates three payloader trucks to the Philippine Red Cross

Amidst the Super-Typhoon Yolanda that plagued our country the past month, the Chinese are ready and willing to support their neighbor country with the help of the Philippine Red Cross (PRC).

The Chinese Embassy, through Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Ma Ke Qing donated three (3) brand new payloader trucks to the PRC, in great hopes that these trucks can help the humanitarian organization in its busy operations on the ravaged Visayan region.

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Philippine Red Cross, Makati Medical Center and Tacloban Doctors Medical Center Join Forces to Help Survivors of Super-Typhoon Yolanda

Three institutions, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), Makati Medical Center (MMC) and Tacloban Doctors Medical Center (TDMC),agreed to conduct a joint medical mission for the people affected by the recent Super-Typhoon Yolanda / Haiyan in the City of Tacloban, free of charge.

The joint medical mission started last November21 and will last for 10 days. Each of these agencies will have their respective responsibilities to aid the suffering in Tacloban City.