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Beekeeping saves lives

Nashon Tado

Saleh Ozloq from Al-Fanh, Sakin Wuais, in Khanfar District is one of the beneficiaries of a beekeeping project that is supported under NRC's livelihood programme in Abyan. He can tell about a rapid development of the business.

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A new start for Gula Jan

Niamat Khan – Distribution Assistant NRC

“NRC provided me with essential items in time of despair, I am very grateful to NRC for starting this project that has helped me in carrying on my daily life activities”, says Gula Jan from Pakistan, after receiving a relief package from NRC.

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NRC distributes mattresses to displaced Palestinians

Sahar Issawi

“We used to have only two mattresses for the six of us to sleep on”, said Hanan Khudair from the Gaza strip when receiving mattresses and other key household items from NRC.

“We tried to borrow or buy mattresses but we could not find any. I was praying to God every day that someone would help us with this” added Khudair.

NRC provided 300 kits with essential household and hygiene items to families displaced by the war in Gaza. The kits included mattresses, blankets, soap, baby diapers, and other key household and hygiene items.

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Afghanistan + 1 other
NRC provides education to children in Khost

Ongoing military operations in North Waziristan (Pakistan) has led to thousands of refugees being forced to live in makeshift camps in Afghanistan. Currently over 2,900 displaced families are living in tents in Gulan camp in Khost province. There are at least 4,000 children living in the camp, in addition to an estimated 15,000 refugee children living in nearby host communities.

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Jordan + 1 other
Jordan: RRP6 Monthly Update — August 2014: Non-Food Items (NFI)


Winterization (Inter-sector approach): the outline of the interagency winterization efforts was shared with the group. The NFI WG endorsed the basic framework however based on analysis of data collected by different organisations last year the NFI WG members decided develop a targeting system to provide winterization assistance to the most in need. A task force including Cash WG members was created to design a winterization vulnerability scoring system based on the VAF approach, using data already available).


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Country Director

Closing date: 02 Nov 2014 Norwegian Refugee Council

In 2012, Mali experienced a succession of crises including a significant food crisis, political unrest, armed conflict in the Northern territories, floods, and a general economic recession. This series of compounding crises are severely impacting the living conditions for the general population and even more critically, the living conditions of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). More than five million people have been affected by the complex emergency in Mali.

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Area Manager - DR Congo

Closing date: 30 Oct 2014 Norwegian Refugee Council

The humanitarian needs in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are immense. Close to two million people are internally displaced and an estimated 450,000 Congolese have sought refuge in neighbouring countries. With a long history of conflict and weak governance, the majority of DRC's population is severely impoverished and deprived of basic services and infrastructure such as roads, drinkable water, electricity, schools, education and health centres. Human rights violations are rife.

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Security Director - NRC

Closing date: 29 Oct 2014 Norwegian Refugee Council

Job description

  • The Security Director represents security in NRC's Senior Management Meetings and reports to the Director of Field Operations and the Secretary General. The position will have the overall responsibility for: Management of security section, including line management of Head Office based staff (3) and roving security advisers (2)
  • Providing strategic and operational direction on security risk management at the global level
  • NRC’s crisis management preparedness
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Gender-based Violence Project Coordinator

Closing date: 25 Oct 2014 Norwegian Refugee Council


In Iraq, NRC has operations in Baghdad and in two locations in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) providing WASH, shelter, education and protection activities to Syrian refugees in formal and informal settlement sites, including camps, transit sites and host communities in urban settings.

With the onset of conflict in the Anbar province in Iraq at the end of 2013 and the spread to Central and Northern Iraq, approximately 1,2 million people have been displaced this year so far.

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Protection and Advocacy Adviser

Closing date: 24 Oct 2014 Norwegian Refugee Council

Protection and Advocacy Adviser (PAA) - Kenya
Norwegian Refugee Council