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05 Dec 2016 description

Millions go hungry in Nigeria, as its people are fleeing violence and suffering under the inflation of food prices.

Saleh stands in line for his monthly food basket, battling the harmattan season of dust and dry heat. He has a family of 12 to feed and food assistance is critical.

“I used to be a pastoral and grain farmer, I had land in Gwoza. The violence changed everything,” he says.

“They burnt our huts”

05 Dec 2016 description

Two and a half years after conflict erupted in eastern Ukraine, life for people is harder than ever. “An increasing number of vulnerable civilians remain subject to deepening humanitarian hardship. They are starting to lose hope,” said Christopher Mehley, Country Director for the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) in Ukraine.

Despite a fragile ceasefire agreement, the situation remains tense. Regular shelling, exchange of gunfire, and hours spent in bomb shelters is still the reality for many civilians living on the frontlines between separatist and Ukrainian forces.

02 Dec 2016 description

The Norwegian Refugee Council is deeply concerned about the conditions for refugees and migrants meeting the freezing winter weather in cold tents, warehouses and barracks in Greece.

“It is disgraceful how Europe is treating people who came to us for protection,” said Alain Homsy, Head of NRC’s operations in Greece.

29 Nov 2016 description

SOS Children’s Villages is joining 77 other organisation in urging the European Commission and EU member states to step up protections of migrant and refugee children.

In a joint statement to be released at the European Forum on the Rights of the Child, which begins Tuesday in Brussels, SOS Children’s Villages and its partners are calling for seven action points to protect children in migration:

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08 Dec 2016 description
job Closing date: 03 Jan 2017 Norwegian Refugee Council

Country Background:

07 Dec 2016 description
job Closing date: 27 Dec 2016 Norwegian Refugee Council

Country Background:

07 Dec 2016 description
job Closing date: 18 Dec 2016 Norwegian Refugee Council

NRC started operations on Chios in mid-October 2015 and has since directly assisted over 90,000 refugees and migrants, working together with the Greek authorities, humanitarian actors and volunteers to set up and maintain a dignified and efficient flow of refugees from arrival at the beach, via registration and reception facilities, to departure by boat or plane to mainland Greece.

07 Dec 2016 description
job Closing date: 31 Dec 2016 Norwegian Refugee Council

We are looking for a dedicated and experienced Area Manager for Carnot, Mamberi-Kadei province in the Central African Republic. The purpose of the Area Manager position is to ensure high quality and cost effective programme/project implementation within the designated geographical area.

The Area Manager is a member of the Country Management Group (CMG) and reports to the Country Director.

07 Dec 2016 description
job Closing date: 11 Dec 2016 Norwegian Refugee Council

I. Background

In 2015, the NRC adopted the Strategy for Global Advocacy 2015-2017. The strategy is the second of its kind, and is meant to inform the entire organisation on global advocacy objectives. NRC as an organisation responds to humanitarian crises in three specific and often inter-linked ways: field operations, expert deployment and advocacy. Consequently the Strategy of Global Advocacy is at the top of the hierarchy of strategies for NRC.