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19 May 2015 description

(Kampala, 19 May 2015) Strong commitment to the global ban on cluster munitions was voiced during a meeting of East African Community (EAC) countries in Kampala, Uganda on Tuesday.

The workshop on the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions for EAC countries was hosted by the Embassy of Norway in Kampala with support from Uganda Landmine Survivors Association (ULSA) and Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA).

23 Apr 2015 description

NPA has followed the people of South Sudan closely through years of bloody civil war and transition to peacetime and independence, and currently runs extensive relief and aid work in the country. A new book about NPA’s history in South Sudan, authored by Halle Jørn Hanssen, is about to be published.

In his new book the former Secretary General of NPA, Halle Jørn Hanssen, describes how he in the 90s approved that between 5 and 8 million of relief funds was spent to cover the late rebel leader John Garang’s satellite telephone.

10 Apr 2015 description

NPA has been requested by the Karen National Union to map the landmine situation in four villages in the southeast of Myanmar. This is the first time NPA will get access to mine-affected areas, and represents an important breakthrough in solving the mine problem in contaminated areas in Myanmar.


NPA Mine action in Myanmar is supported by the European Union with a grant of Euro 3,500,000 and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign with grants of NOK 7,050.000.

01 Apr 2015 description

This IRNA Report is a product of Inter-Agency Assessment mission conducted and information compiled based on the inputs provided by partners on the ground including; government authorities, affected communities/IDPs and agencies.

Situation overview

Approximately 16,940 displaced people and vulnerable host community members have been identified by the SSRRA in Nimni payam, and an additional 71,000 in five payams within the immediate surroundings of Nimni.


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21 May 2015 description
job Closing date: 05 Jun 2015 Norwegian People's Aid

Norwegian People’s Aid is a humanitarian organisation rooted in the Norwegian Labour Movement. We work with International Development Partnerships, Humanitarian Disarmament, Rescue Service and First Aid, and Asylum and Integration. Norwegian People’s Aid has more than 12000 members in Norway and 2400 staff worldwide. We work in 39 countries around the world, and in 2015 we will have an expected turnover of 920 MNOK.