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19 Dec 2014 description

NPA humanitarian Disarmament South Sudan has handed over three constructed ammunition stores to SPLA. The primary objective of the stores has been to mitigating the risk of unplanned explosions through the application of the principles contained in the International Ammunition Technical Guidelines (IATG). Prior to this the ammunition was badly stored and was under great risk of catching fire during the dry season.

15 Dec 2014 description

The majority of Iraq’s Christian Yezidi population remains displaced by ISIS. Forced to live in streets and unfinished buildings, they will either die or leave the country, NPA partner organization fears.

28 Nov 2014 description

While war rages in Syria, large numbers of refugees put pressure on neighboring countries like Lebanon. Palestinian refugees fleeing Syria are among the weakest.

12 Nov 2014 description

NPA’s efforts to make Kosovo free of unexploded cluster munitions and landmines have started. As of November 3rd, Norwegian People’s Aid has an office in the capital of Pristina and initial preparations for non-technical survey are underway. The first operational task will be to size up the scale of the remaining cluster munitions problem in the politically-sensitive northern municipalities on the border with Serbia.

11.11.2014 | Chris Natale, Pristina, REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO

03 Nov 2014 description

Due to violent combat in Aleppo city, it is very challenging for people to get food and necessary items, says NPA partner organization Masarrat, who despite these challenges recently succeeded in distributing aid in several areas of Aleppo city.

After a long period of violence and fighting, there currently remain about 350,000 civilians in need of humanitarian assistance in Aleppo. The Assad regime has intensified their attacks on the Free Syrian Army, using barrel bombs and committing massacres against civilians.

Danger of humanitarian catastrophe


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18 Dec 2014 description
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1. Background

Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) is the Norwegian labour movement’s humanitarian organisation for solidarity. NPA is a registered and politically independent charity. NPA’s current programme strategy reflects two core concerns: The just distribution of power and resources, and the protection of life and health. NPA is currently working in more than 40 countries.