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03 Mar 2015 description

by Christiane Fröhlich , Matthew R. Stevens

The daily lives of Syrian refugees in Jordan have always been difficult, but until the winter of 2014-2015, they were defined more by concern about making ends meet than outright panic.

10 Jan 2015 description

At the close of 2014, Mahmoud ‘Abbas, head of the Ramallah wing of the Palestinian Authority (PA), announced that he would sign the Rome Statute, the 2002 treaty establishing the International Criminal Court based in The Hague. This move opens the possibility that the Palestinians could ask the Court to investigate Israeli military operations and/or occupation practices as violations of international law.

27 Oct 2014 description

by Noga Malkin , Nick Danforth | published October 24, 2014

For background, see Aslı Ilgit and Rochelle Davis, “The Many Roles of Turkey in the Syrian Crisis,” Middle East Report Online, January 28, 2013.