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25 Mar 2017 description
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Samuel Oakford, Freelance journalist based in New York, and regular IRIN contributor

A look at the options, mission by mission

24 Mar 2017 description
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BANGUI, 23 March 2017

Philip Kleinfeld
Freelance journalist and IRIN contributor

The first time the Séléka rebels captured Danielle* she was visiting the shallow grave where her husband, father, and brothers were all buried. Danielle had witnessed the rebels kill the men outside her home just a few hours earlier. When she returned to show her mother what had happened, the fighters – still lingering outside – turned on her.

22 Mar 2017 description
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Ten months on from the signature of a landmark agreement to reform emergency aid, critics worry that the process of translating 51 separate commitments into action is creating new layers of bureaucracy – the very thing the initiative was supposed to reduce.

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21 Mar 2017 description
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Sara Elizabeth Williams

Last February, Jordan and the international community agreed on a radically new approach to the Syrian refugee crisis. Instead of viewing refugees as a burden that could only be alleviated by humanitarian aid, the new agreement described them as “a development opportunity” that, with sufficient levels of investment and structural reforms, could benefit Jordan’s entire economy.

20 Mar 2017 description
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Jason Patinkin

The declaration of famine in two counties of South Sudan last month led to immediate pledges of aid. Grave editorials called on Western governments to prioritise relief efforts to the needy, despite the shortcomings of the government and the ongoing civil war.

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