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01 Oct 2016 description
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By Sally Nyakanyanga
ADJUMANI/UGANDA, 30 September 2016

Josephine Maziku arrived at Uganda’s Nyumanzi Transit Centre in June this year six months pregnant and with only the dress she was wearing.

“I wish I had managed to carry clothes. At least I would use those to cover my child,” said the 18-year-old.

30 Sep 2016 description
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By David Doyle

When Typhoon Haiyan smashed into this city in the central Philippines almost three years ago, Arsenio was one of the lucky ones – he survived by swimming a kilometre to safety.

“Every time there is a storm, I get scared, even after three years,” he said. “I don’t want to go through the same thing again.”

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28 Sep 2016 description
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By Annie Slemrod

A city of over a million will soon be the scene of the biggest battle yet involving so-called Islamic State. Will it be possible to provide food, water, and shelter to the hundreds of thousands of civilians who may flee the crossfire in a matter of days?

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27 Sep 2016 description
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Everyone knows everyone else in the village of Vavyloi on the Greek island of Chios. Such intimacy had long meant an absence of crime and a feeling of security. That all changed about a month ago when farmers noticed onions and potatoes being gouged out of their fields overnight. When the house break-ins started, the villagers began forming four-man night patrols.

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25 Sep 2016 description
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KINSHASA, 23 September 2016

Habibou Bangré Freelance journalist based in Kinshasa, DRC

President Joseph Kabila’s bid to extend his stay in power was met with protests and violence on the streets of Kinshasa this week, with demonstrators condemning a government they accuse of failing its people.

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