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22 Feb 2017 description

President Rodrigo Duterte’s election in the Philippines was hailed as an unprecedented opportunity to resolve protracted conflicts in the country’s Mindanao region. Yet setbacks in writing the Bangsamoro Basic Law, which would provide greater autonomy to the region, and the potential establishment of an Islamic State (ISIS) province could prove stubborn obstacles for the popular leader.

15 Feb 2017 description

A United Nations report released earlier this month detailed widespread human rights violations against the Rohingya population by security forces in Myanmar’s northern Rakhine State, some of which its authors claim may amount to crimes against humanity. The question now is, will it lead to any meaningful improvement in the plight of this ethnic minority?

14 Feb 2017 description

Authorized in January 2009, the UN Support Office for the African Union Mission in Somalia (UNSOA) was an unprecedented operation. Through UNSOA, the Department of Field Support used the UN’s assessed contributions to directly support a non-UN regional peace operation (AMISOM). Although this significantly enhanced AMISOM’s capabilities and increased its overall effectiveness, UNSOA faced numerous challenges that severely inhibited its ability to deliver on all its mandated tasks.

08 Feb 2017 description

The needs of children must be regarded from the very outset of a peace process. This was the call to action from the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict, Leila Zerrougui, at a February 6th IPI event on the topic of “Peacemaking and Child Protection: New Guidance on the Rights and Needs of Children in Peace Processes.”

“I would insist and repeat that the issue of children is an entry point for the mediator, for building trust, and needed for ending in every conflict,” she said.

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