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25 Jul 2017 description

Ce guide étudie plus particulièrement les éléments du plaidoyer humanitaire réalisé par un collectif d’ONG. Il est donc adapté au travail de plaidoyer commun réalisé par les fora d’ONG. Il existe de nombreuses sources d’information disponibles sur le plaidoyer, mais beaucoup moins sur la construction pratique d’un plaidoyer collectif, les spécificités et la dynamique du plaidoyer humanitaire des fora d’ONG.


1.1 ICVA

19 Jul 2017 description

“The purpose of the Grand Bargain is not efficiency in itself; or a better alignment of bureaucracies. It is to protect and alleviate the deep suffering of all those for whom every day is a struggle for survival.” - Peter Maurer, ICRC President, Keynote Speaker

17 Jul 2017 description


Humanitarian coordination seeks to improve the effectiveness of humanitarian response by ensuring greater predictability, accountability and partnership.

Coordination in humanitarian contexts is vital at local, national, regional and global levels, and involving:

• Assessing situations and needs;

• Agreeing common priorities;

• Fills gaps, prevents duplication and targets those most in need;

• Developing common strategies to address issues such as negotiating access;

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