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29 Sep 2016 description

If an effort to move Yemen’s Central Bank succeeds, it will add to risks of insolvency, starvation and even deeper civil war divisions. Regional and international powers should rally round this critical institution and help revive UN-brokered peace talks.

28 Sep 2016 description

To reverse Burundi’s slide toward a devastating social and humanitarian emergency – as ethnically-charged rhetoric worsens and refugees flee to neighbouring countries – the African Union needs to overcome its internal divisions, fix a so far incoherent response and facilitate a negotiated settlement between the government and the opposition.

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21 Sep 2016 description

The bombs that hit Thailand’s touristic south in August have helped derail the country’s peace dialogue. To get back on track, fragmented militants must end doubtful hopes of victory through violence, and the government must commit to a comprehensive settlement, including decentralisation and respect for the deep south’s Malay-Muslim identity.


19 Sep 2016 description

Lebanon, a small country whose population hovered around four million, has gained an astounding million and a half more residents in under four years, mostly refugees from neighbouring Syria.

19 Sep 2016 description

Immediate palliative care is a vital response to the world's record numbers of refugees and internally displaced. But any sustainable solution to this global crisis must go further, buttressing international law and ending the wars that drive so many from their homes.

Jonathan Prentice | Director of London Office and Senior Advocacy Adviser | @PrenticeJD

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