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12 Aug 2015 description

The military tide has turned against Huthi fighters in Yemen. Emboldened by recent gains, the Saudi-led coalition has started to push into the centre of the country from Aden, the southern port city taken in mid-July, and may even attempt to capture the capital, Sanaa, further north. To avoid a new and potentially more deadly phase of conflict, the Huthis should honour the concessions they made through UN mediation efforts in Muscat on 8-9 August, including among others a militia withdrawal from cities in accordance with Security Council Resolution 2216 (14 April).

03 Aug 2015 description

July 2015 – Trends

  • Deteriorated situations
    Cameroon, Chad, Egypt, Kashmir, Turkey, Yemen

  • Improved situations

August 2015 – Watchlist

  • Conflict risk alerts
    Turkey, Yemen

-Conflict resolution opportunities
Iran, South Sudan

23 Jul 2015 description

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