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17 Jun 2016 description
report Guardian

Inside Syria, 75% of aid is now arriving through local networks supported by diaspora groups. Among the leaders of this new humanitarian wave is British doctor Rola Hallam of Hand in Hand for Syria

When Rola Hallam arrived in the UK at 13 from Syria, speaking no English and knowing nothing of British culture, she felt like she’d landed on a different planet. Her gynaecologist father had accepted a job at a British hospital, and the whole family relocated, pitching head first into 1980s Cambridgeshire.

15 Jun 2016 description
report Guardian

The secretary general of the United Nations reflects on the recent World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul and looks to the future

At the recent World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul, more than 9,000 participants made a three-fold commitment to people in crisis all over the world. We pledged to improve our response to people caught up in natural disasters and conflicts; to empower them as the agents of their own recovery; and to summon greater political will to prevent and end the wars which are causing so much suffering.

01 Jun 2016 description
report Guardian

Fearful of the Mediterranean crossing and confused by reports of a European refugee lockdown, Syrians are seeking the precarious safety of Mali – which is itself on humanitarian life support and faces severe security challenges.

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27 May 2016 description
report Guardian

Many Sudanese people displaced by fighting say that, with inflation driving price rises, a DfID-backed initiative to replace goods with e-cash is not working

Zeinab Mohammed Salih in Darfur

The UN World Food Programme is offering electronic vouchers instead of food aid to some displaced people in Sudan’s Darfur region but, despite the success of vouchers elsewhere in Sudan, some Darfuri recipients claim the scheme leaves them worse off because high inflation keeps food prices rising.

27 May 2016 description
report Guardian

Hundreds of migrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh are being held in a Malaysian detention centre – despite nominally being freed 12 months ago

Patrick Kingsley Migration correspondent

Hundreds of trafficking victims from Myanmar and Bangladesh remain detained in Malaysia a year after being rescued from near-certain death at sea during the Asian migration crisis.

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