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07 Dec 2016 description
report Guardian

Officially, sexual violence has declined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, dubbed the ‘rape capital of the world’. But frontline workers tell a different story

Ruth Maclean in Goma

The mothers of Kavumu hardly sleep. But on rainy nights, they don’t even try. The rain pounds on their tin roofs so noisily that they worry they won’t hear rapists breaking in to steal their daughters. So they sit up all night, just watching their front doors.

07 Dec 2016 description
report Guardian

Kasia Staszewska
The author is Amnesty International UK's women's human rights programme manager

Wednesday 7 December 2016 07.48 EST

Despite saying it wants to protect women from sexual violence in conflict, the UK fails to provide safe, legal routes to sanctuary and handles asylum insensitively

05 Dec 2016 description
report Guardian

In his latest update from Sierra Leone, Isaac Bayoh, who now works with Medici con l’Africa, looks at how people are coping a year after the outbreak ended

The Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone remains among the most devastating events in our country’s history, perhaps more dreadful even than the 11 years of civil war.

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01 Dec 2016 description
report Guardian

Infant mortality rates in Afghanistan were once among the world’s worst, but a new children’s unit at Kandahar’s Mirwais hospital is accelerating slow progress

By Matthew Green in Kandahar

Among the tiniest of the premature babies slumbering in incubators at the Mirwais hospital, one bore a name chosen by hospital staff. At five days old, “Fatima” had been abandoned by her mother after being born so early that her family assumed she was destined for the grave.

26 Nov 2016 description
report Guardian

Hunger follows displaced people around north-east Nigeria, as Boko Haram and climate change drive millions from their homes

As Ali Kawu eases his handcart to a halt on a recent morning in north-east Nigeria, it is the first time he has dared to stop walking in more than 24 hours.

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