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22 Jun 2017 description
report The Guardian

In a country where abuse and sexual violence are rife, a local police chief is on a mission to safeguard children and women from harm

Hannah Summers

When Honorine Munyole visits a group of local women in the city of Bukavu, the police officer gets a welcome fit for a hero.

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20 Jun 2017 description
report The Guardian

Theft of livestock turns more deadly as herders and raiders become desperate in drought-hit areas and a ragtag militia tries to restore order

On the run from the armed cattle rustlers of rural Kenya – in pictures

Jacob Kushner in Loruk

15 Jun 2017 description
report The Guardian

The rains are now falling, but on a country where people cannot work their fields because of fighting and where food prices are escalating beyond their reach

Gethin Chamberlain in Abiriu

The tape measure wound around the arm of two-year old Apiu tells its own story. Under the traffic light system for measuring undernutrition, green means healthy, amber is for “at risk”. Apiu is deep in the red zone: seriously malnourished. South Sudan is grappling with famine and severe hunger.

14 Jun 2017 description
report The Guardian

Cases of polio have been reduced by more than 99.9% since 1988, but complete eradication is proving elusive

Ruth Maclean in Dakar

Two separate outbreaks of polio in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have set back global efforts to eradicate the debilitating disease.

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09 Jun 2017 description
report The Guardian

Conflict and desperate hunger are driving families to marry off their daughters to secure precious cows, despite the girls having to forfeit their education

Gethin Chamberlain in Rumbek

Down a red dirt road on the outskirts of Rumbek, a sprawling town at the heart of the world’s youngest country, a small herd of white cattle plods southwards. Evening is fast approaching and the cattle cast long shadows.

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