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27 Sep 2016 description
report Guardian

In the face of conflict and sexual abuse, women in a camp in Central African Republic’s capital are working together to rebuild their lives

Metres away from passengers awaiting their flights in the departure lounge of M’Poko airport in Bangui, tens of thousands of people shelter inside old jumbo-jets, under hangars or in ramshackle tents.

Marie Valentine, 66, is one of them. She remembers vividly the bullets flying in all directions as she fled her house in the capital of Central African Republic, in December 2013.

21 Sep 2016 description
report Guardian

John Vidal

Commonwealth initiative aims to enable countries such as Vanuatu and Fiji to access $100bn pledged in Paris climate talks

Many small developing countries are so administratively stretched that they cannot fill in all the complex forms needed to access climate money to help them to reduce emissions and adapt to increasing global temperatures, rising sea levels and extreme weather.

20 Sep 2016 description
report Guardian

By Fiona MacGregor in Yangon

Rights advocates in Myanmar are calling on Aung San Suu Kyi’s government to halt discrimination against women after its failure to include them in talks to end one of the world’s longest running civil wars.

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18 Sep 2016 description
report Guardian

Abraham T Zere

Today marks a bleak date in the country’s history, when a paranoid elite began a brutal campaign to cement its grip on power

Exactly 15 years ago, Eritrea’s hard-won independence was hijacked by a paranoid political elite who have clung to power ever since.

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16 Sep 2016 description
report Guardian

A new programme of fortification of everyday foods such as bread and oil is being rolled out in Pakistan in an attempt to tackle chronic and widespread malnutrition.

The food fortification programme, which is backed with $48m (£36m) of funding from the UK’s Department for International Development (DfID), will see nutrients added directly to wheat flour, edible oils and ghee at source in mills and factories.

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