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06 Mar 2015 description
report Guardian

Less food for more people on a hotter, drier Earth. How can we work to avoid this future?

05 Mar 2015 description
report Guardian

Arrests come after Nauru police warn refugees not to gather in groups, and footage emerges of refugees being assaulted during a demonstration

Almost 200 refugees, including several children, have been arrested on Nauru for protesting in the island’s capital, as video has emerged showing refugees being assaulted as they protested peacefully at the weekend.

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03 Mar 2015 description
report Guardian

Only by turning our response to Ebola upside down can another epidemic be avoided: communities need to be front and centre to eradicate this disease.

Today in Brussels African political leaders and experts will meet to discuss how west Africa should be supported to respond to the Ebola catastrophe that has killed nearly 10,000 people.

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03 Mar 2015 description
report Guardian

Foreign leaders discussing solutions to the Ebola epidemic must acknowledge the contribution made by local workers to reduce infection rates

It’s almost a year since I first heard reports of mysterious infections and deaths from Kailahun, a district on Sierra Leone’s eastern border with Guinea and Liberia. Back in those first weeks, as we realised we were dealing with Ebola – an unknown challenge for Sierra Leone – the message heard in those isolated, scared and sceptical communities was that “Ebola is real”.

02 Mar 2015 description
report Guardian

For students from poor families in Afghanistan, university promises a path to greater prosperity – but demand for tuition far outstrips the places available.

About 3,000 young Afghans filed out of Kabul University one morning after sitting their public university entrance exam. They emerged in two separate rows: girls to the right, boys to the left.

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