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22 Mar 2017 description

Benjamin Edwards, MCC Program Officer for Cabo Verde

Of the nine inhabited islands that make up the West African archipelago of Cabo Verde, the island of Sal is one of the driest. The country receives less than 9 inches of rain on average each year and has one of the highest prices of water for consumption in Africa.

10 Mar 2017 description

Thiane Dramé of Senegal’s Kaolack region once found it difficult to provide a healthy and varied diet for the youngest of her seven children and her four grandchildren. Today, things are different. With the help of a USAID nutrition project in central Senegal, she’s growing more food and providing better nutrition to her family. Dramé prepares most of this food for her family, gives some to friends, and sells the rest in her community. She uses the additional income to enrich her family’s diet.

03 Mar 2017 description

A case study published in The New England Journal of Medicine titled “Emergence of Indigenous Artemisinin-Resistant Plasmodium Falciparum in Africa,” details an individual case of delayed clearance of malaria parasites (an early sign of drug resistance) after a patient was treated with an artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) – the most effective antimalarial medicines available today.

26 Feb 2017 description

The Ambassadors of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States reiterate our commitment to preserving the sovereignty, territorial integrity, unity, and national cohesion of Libya and our support for the Libyan Political Agreement of 17 December 2015 as the basis for an inclusive political solution of the current conflicts. We continue to support the Presidency Council as the legitimate governing body, recognised as such by UNSCR 2259.

23 Feb 2017 description

Thailand recovered in 2016 from a severe two-year El Niño-related drought, which had substantially reduced irrigation supplies and rice acreage in the country. Bountiful rainfall during the recent wet season replenished important reservoirs which supply the agricultural sector and enabled the government to lift restrictions on irrigated rice acreage during the 2016-17 dry season (November through May). Farmers responded by increasing rice acreage by an estimated 975,000 hectares compared to last year.

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