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02 Mar 2016 description

Papua New Guinea, suffering from severe draught, will receive the Israeli mobile desalination unit which will provide clean drinking water in remote rural locations, reflecting Israel's commitment to extending aid to friends around the globe.

(Communicated by the MFA Spokesperson)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with G.A.L. Water Technologies Ltd., held a ceremony on 29 February at which a mobile desalination unit developed in Israel was donated to Papua New Guinea, which is suffering from severe drought.

23 Jun 2015 description

Israel is actively working to support reconstruction efforts in the Gaza Strip, including the passage of massive amounts of construction materials into Gaza and building projects for housing, as well as schools, clinics and infrastructure projects.

Israel is actively working to support reconstruction efforts in the Gaza Strip. Following are a few examples of the extensive reconstruction measures facilitated by Israel.

27 Apr 2015 description

PM Netanyahu informed his Nepalese counterpart that an advance team would leave tonight and added that Israel was prepared to assist in searching for the missing and in providing medical care to the injured.

01 Jul 2014 description
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A total of 1,802 people crossed through the Erez Terminal

1,690 carrying 41,690 tons of goods entered Gaza

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