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16 Feb 2017 description

Never before have so many people had to flee their homes as in 2016: more than 65 million refugees and internally displaced persons around the world fled from crises, violence and natural disasters. Africa is a particular focus of Germany’s humanitarian assistance, alongside the huge humanitarian crisis in Syria and its neighbouring countries.

15 Feb 2017 description

The Coping with Climate Change in the Pacific Island Region (CCCPIR) Program Programme aims to strengthen the capacities of regional organisations in the Pacific Islands region and its member states to adapt to climate change and mitigate its causes. The programme in Vanuatu (which has been operational for 8 years) was structured in 3 components in 2016: (1) Mainstreaming climate considerations and adaptation strategies; (2) Implementing adaptation and mitigation measures; (3) Climate change and education.

06 Feb 2017 description

06.02.2017 – The centre provides refugees with training measures in manufacturing jobs such as joiner, plumber and electrician.

31 Jan 2017 description

No-one had expected such an outcome. For three days they sat on mats under canvas tents in Gargando, a small town near the Malian desert city of Timbuktu, talking and talking. Many of those present had long since stopped regarding Mali as their country. After all, the capital Bamako had hardly ever bothered about the northern regions with lots of sand and few inhabitants. But with the government and military representatives standing there, actually listening, they decided they wanted to give their shared homeland another chance.

26 Jan 2017 description

Germany plans to step up its engagement within the framework of the MINUSMA peacekeeping mission, with deployment, not earlier than March 2017, of combat and transport helicopters and up to 350 additional soldiers. The new mandate was adopted by the cabinet on Wednesday (11 January) and still needs to be approved by the German Bundestag.

The United Nations MINUSMA peacekeeping mission

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