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Nation gains meaningful results in irrigation development

Addis Ababa August 26/2014

Ethiopia has gained meaningful results regarding small scale irrigation in terms of size of land developed through irrigation and amount of output, the Ministry of Agriculture said.

In Ethiopia, where over 82 per cent of the total population lives in rural areas, agriculture is the major means of earning a living and it's the backbone of the economy, constitutes about 43 per cent of the country’s GDP. Over 80 per cent of the country’s exports come from agriculture.

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Workshop discussing mainstreaming gender in agriculture kicks off

Addis Ababa August 19/2014 The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) urged local governments to mainstream gender in agriculture programs.

Speaking on a three-day workshop here yesterday, Social Scientist at the Institute, Annet Mulema said mainstreaming gender in agriculture will help to boost productivity.

Closing the gender gap in agriculture would help to increase productivity by 20 to 30 percent, she added. It would also help countries to reduce food insecurity by 12 to 17 percent.

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Somalia + 5 others
Communique of Ministerial Meeting on the Somali Refugee Situation commits to fresh impetus for durable solutions for Somali refugees

Statement by the Governments of Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, Uganda and Yemen; the African Union; the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development; the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia; the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa; and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees upon conclusion of Ministerial Meeting of the High Commissioner’s Global Initiative on Somali Refugees in Addis Ababa on 20 August 2014

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Early Warning and Response Analysis, August 2014


  • The Rift Valley areas in areas where deficient rainfall was observed during the preceding decades will have better rainfall during the coming August 2014.

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Flood Alert, August 2014


Following the National Meteorology Agency (NMA) forecast for the 2014 kiremt season (July to September), the DRMFSS-led national Flood Task Force, constituting NMA, sector line ministries, UN Agencies, NGOs, and donors, was reactivated to closely monitor the situation and timely facilitate preparedness and response activities in areas likely to be affected.