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04 Jul 2017 description

Matala - Over 8000 people were vaccinated against yellow fever during a campaign held in the last fifteen days in Mulondo commune, Matala Municipality of the southern Huila Province. According to the chief nurse of the Mulondo health centre, João Pintal Gonçalves, the vaccination campaign covered adults and children, representing 82 per cent of the predicted target.

Yellow fever is a dangerous infectious disease caused by a virus transmitted by mosquitoes.

01 Jul 2017 description

Luanda - At least two percent of the Angolan population is a HIV positive with high prevalence on women affecting (2.69 percent) against men ( 1.2 percent), indicates the report of multiple inquiries and health (IIMS) 2015-2016 released on Friday in Luanda by the National Statistic Institute (INE).

According to the document, the HIV prevalence is much higher on women living on urban areas, representing 3.0 %, against 1.7 % of those in rural zones, unlikely what is verified on men, whose rate is higher on rural zones 1.4 %, while other 1.2 % are recorded on urban zones.

24 Jun 2017 description

Luanda - From the year 1996 to 2017, over 3. 4 billion square meters of land were demined in Angola, corresponding to 108.5 million square meters of roads, 7.7 million square meters of unexploded ordnances.,
This is an outcome that emerged from the National Demining Conference held in Luanda on 22-23 June under the slogan "Angola free from Landmines, moving towards development".

24 Jun 2017 description

Luanda - Demining is crucial for the country to return to normal since the circulation of people and flow of goods, development of agriculture, trade, construction and rehabilitation of infrastructures are only possible if the territory is free of landmines.,
This was said by the minister of Welfare and Social Reintegration, Gonçalves Muandumba, when speaking last Friday at the closing ceremony of the National Demining Conference, which took place in Luanda on 22-23 June under the motto “Angola free from landmines, moving towards development”.

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