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Mission Statement: "To work towards ensuring that the poorest and most vulnerable in our world and those affected by humanitarian crises have access to the fundamental rights of life, including but not limited to adequate shelter, food, water and sanitation, healthcare and education"

Our Vision: "We envision a world where poverty and hunger no longer exist; where communities are prepared for seasonal shocks; where structural and cultural barriers to growth are removed; and where every man, woman and child has equal rights and access to resources and opportunities."

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28 Sep 2016 description

A statement by over 100 Syrian, regional and international humanitarian and human rights organisations on Monday’s attack on a humanitarian convoy in Aleppo

Monday’s direct attack on a humanitarian convoy delivering life-saving aid to Aleppo marks a descent to new depths of inhumanity. As world leaders gather this week in New York, the world’s eyes are on them and history will judge their response to this criminal act.

23 Sep 2016 description

Delivered by Winnie Byanyima, CEO of Oxfam, on behalf of Action Aid, ACF International, CARE International, Christian Aid, Concern Worldwide, GOAL, Oxfam, Save the Children, World Vision International and the wider NGO community

The El Niño weather event is now over. The chances of an imminent La Niña have reduced.

It would be all too easy for the global community’s attention to switch to other crises.

06 Jun 2016 description
report GOAL

Date of Assessment: 12th to 16th May 2016

Objective: To assess current situation, to establish possibility of return to Ulang, present the current position of all humanitarian actors in greater Ulang county and possibility of returning the looted items from the humanitarian compounds.

Places visited: Ulang, Yomding, Kuich, Ruplet and Nyangora, in UNS


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24 Oct 2016 description
job Closing date: 30 Nov 2016 GOAL

Position: Public-Private Sector Sanitation Programme Manager

Location: Freetown

Duration: 12 months

Reports to: WASH Coordinator

Start date: November 2016

General description of GOAL’s Programme:**

24 Oct 2016 description
job Closing date: 07 Nov 2016 GOAL

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GOAL is seeking offers from eligible consultants to conduct a final evaluation of the Integrated Health Project, Freetown Western Area,Sierra Leone.

24 Oct 2016 description
job Closing date: 07 Nov 2016 GOAL

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24 Oct 2016 description
job Closing date: 04 Nov 2016 GOAL

General Description of the Programme

18 Oct 2016 description
job Closing date: 15 Nov 2016 GOAL

Contract length: 6 months

General Description of the Programme: