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Appuis à la gestion des boues de vidanges sur les sites de Déplacés de Bangui

1. Cadre de l’étude

L’étude a été réalisée à la demande du cluster WASH afin de faciliter la coordination entre les acteurs impliqués dans la gestion des boues de vidanges sur les sites de déplacés de BANGUI. Les solutions techniques évoquées sont autant de propositions que les acteurs devront adapter.

Les propositions se font en deux parties distinctes : l’organisation du transit durant la période d’urgence est traitée au paragraphe 4.1, le traitement des boues qui nécessite l’intégration du court et moyen terme et traité au paragraphe 4.2.

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Cash-Based Assistance Programmes for Internally Displaced Persons in the Kabul Informal Settlements

Executive Summary

Trends recorded in early 2014 confirm the rising humanitarian needs of Afghans displaced by conflict, natural disasters and man-made disasters: 650,000 Afghans are known to be internally displaced. Forced to leave their homes, IDPs gravitate for protection to urban centres. Kabul ranks first in this forced migration scenario: the capital city holds 56% of the urban population with 80% of the population residing in informal settlements. Within this population, IDPs are particularly vulnerable.

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Heating Fuel and NFI - Winter Distributions in Kabul Informal Settlements



UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs:

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Welthungerhilfe approves aid intervention in Central African Republic

Bonn, 11/03/2014. Welthungerhilfe has committed to provide long-term assistance to people suffering from hunger in the Central African Republic. Staff will start to implement the first required aid measures before the imminent rainy season.

"We have to act quickly to address the humanitarian crisis in Central Africa. At the same time, the people in that region are also rightly demanding assistance that goes beyond disaster aid. And that is exactly what we want to ensure together with our partners," explains Mathias Mogge, Welthungerhilfe's Executive Director for Programmes.


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Logistics Expert in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Closing date: 08 Aug 2014 Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e. V. (German Agro Action)

Welthungerhilfe ( is one of the large and respected private organisations in the field of development cooperation and humanitarian aid in Germany. It carries out projects in 39 countries and campaigns for fairer cooperation with developing countries. If you are prepared to dedicate yourself to carrying out projects under sometimes difficult conditions and you match the requirements set out below, we look forward to receiving your application for the position of