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02 Aug 2017 description

ISLAMABAD – The food security situation of returned households to their place of origin in Pakistan’s FATA Agencies has improved significantly since 2014, according to a new report released today.

09 Jul 2017 description

In May 2017, the Food Security Sector assisted 2,288,950 people of which 31% were assisted through cash based transfers, including vouchers and electronic vouchers. Of those assisted with cash based transfers, 97% were for SO 1 (Food Assistance), with the remaining for SO 2 (Agriculture and Livelihoods). Cash based transfers are being utilized primarily in Borno State in Jere and Maiduguri LGAs. The Cash Working Group based in Maiduguri is exploring how best to assist partners interested in scaling in other LGAs.

15 Jun 2017 description

Child protection is defined as “All activities aimed at preventing and responding to abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence affecting children” The UN Convention on the rights of the child defines a child as any human being below the age of 18 years. For a full explanation of child protection see http://www.cpwg.net

09 Jun 2017 description

Détérioration de la sécurité alimentaire se poursuit dans certaines régions du Nord et du Centre du pays

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  • Les Communes Bugabira et Busoni de la province Kirundo ainsi que les communes de Bugenyuzi et Gitaramuka de la province Karuzi affichent une détérioration de la sécurité alimentaire par rapport au mois précédent.

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04 Aug 2017 description
job Closing date: 31 Aug 2017 Food Security Cluster

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