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21 Apr 2017 description
report Finn Church Aid

In Uganda, refugees are immediately granted the right to education and work, says Ugandan Refugee Commissioner David Apollo Kazungu. He is coordinating Uganda’s response to Africa’s largest refugee crisis.

In 2016, more refugees crossed the border to Uganda than crossed the Mediterranean Sea to Europe. Their numbers totalled in over one million. Most came from South Sudan, which is where the largest refugee crisis in Africa originates.

31 Mar 2017 description
report Finn Church Aid

A vehicle belonging to a national non-governmental organisation fell into a deadly ambush on its way to Pibor in South Sudan on Saturday 25th of March. The incident is a grave attack against aid workers causing calls for investigation.

Six staff members of the South Sudanese humanitarian aid agency GREDO were reportedly killed when their vehicle fell into an ambush last Saturday. The incident occurred in the early morning hours on the road leading from the capital Juba to Pibor town, which is approximately 250 kilometres away.

29 Mar 2017 description
report Finn Church Aid

Finn Church Aid (FCA) has been selected to be member of the Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) Steering Group. Executive Director Jouni Hemberg is representing FCA in the board beginning from April 2017.

07 Mar 2017 description
report Finn Church Aid

People are dying from hunger in South Sudan as more than half of its population suffers from an urgent lack of food. The conflict has forced farmers to abandon their fields, and the cost of basic food commodities increase daily.

Africa’s worst war is entering its fourth year, but the situation only seems to get more dreadful.

A famine threatening a hundred thousand people’s lives was declared in parts of South Sudan in February, and a million more are considered to be at the brink of famine. The situation is described as man-made.

28 Feb 2017 description
report Finn Church Aid

Eritrea is in need of quality teachers, particularly in rural regions, where up to 80 percent of the country’s population live. Certain elements of the Finnish education system could benefit Eritrea as well.

An English class is under way for second graders at the Sewra primary school in the Eritrean capital Asmara. “Jerry can, jerry can” the children repeat eagerly after the teacher.

The teacher holds up a picture of the container and asks the children what it is. The little ones answer in their native tongue Tigrinya.