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22 May 2015 description

Pretoria Declaration: For the improvement of Traceability and Livestock Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

Sub-Saharan African countries have adopted a declaration on animal identification and recording, a move that is expected to improve food security, livestock genetics and better flock management as well as manage animal health and disease control.

22 May 2015 description

The regional workshop on the Formulation of a Strategy, Action Plan and Programme Proposal on Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation in Fisheries and Aquaculture in the CARICOM and Wider Caribbean Region was held in Kingston, Jamaica, from 10 to 12 December 2012. The workshop brought together 65 local, national and regional stakeholders involved in fisheries, aquaculture, disaster risk management (DRM) and climate change adaptation (CCA).

22 May 2015 description

FSS 2015 1st Quarter Highlights

  • SEFSec new methodology agreed by the FSAU

  • PCBS and WFP signed the LoA for SEFSec 2014

  • In-depth Agricultural Damages Assessment in Gaza

  • Winter storms needs and response

  • EFSA Agric component survey report finalised

  • Operational coordination

  • Sector performance evaluation survey

  • FS Watch new edition

  • Technical Working Groups review

  • Steering Committee held in February

21 May 2015 description

FAO Director-General addresses Astana Economic Forum

21 May 2015, Astana, Kazakhstan - Eradicating chronic hunger and malnutrition worldwide will require the collaboration of both developed and emerging economies, and Kazakhstan is well positioned for leadership in this area. These were among the points highlighted by FAO Director-General Jose' Graziano da Silva as he addressed the VIII Astana Economic Forum here today.


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19 May 2015 description
job Closing date: 08 Jun 2015 Food and Agriculture Organization

Organizational Setting

19 May 2015 description
job Closing date: 08 Jun 2015 Food and Agriculture Organization

Organizational Setting

The Medical Unit provides a variety of consultations to employees on specific health issues and concerns as they relate to the workplace.

Reporting Lines

The Medical officer reports to the Chief, Medical Unit under the overall guidance of the Assistant-Director General, CS

Technical Focus

Clinical medicine and occupational health including travel medicine

Key Results

19 May 2015 description
job Closing date: 05 Jun 2015 Food and Agriculture Organization

Organizational Setting

19 May 2015 description
job Closing date: 05 Jul 2015 Food and Agriculture Organization


Investment Operations Experts

Contract duration: assignments from two to six weeks

Vacancy No. IRC2869

Deadline for Applications: 5 July 2015

The purpose of this call is to provide FAO’s Investment Centre Division (TCI) with a list of qualified candidates for a number of profiles in various locations as indicated below. The contract is home based with required travel for field missions.


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11 Mar 2015 description
training Ongoing course Food and Agriculture Organization

One of the impacts of climate change is an increase in the incidence, severity and unpredictability of natural disasters. This e-learning course explains how livelihoods and tenure rights are affected by natural disasters, and illustrates how responsible governance of tenure of land, fisheries and forests can support a disaster management process through improved prevention, mitigation, preparedness, emergency response, and recovery and reconstruction.


2 hours

Publication Date:

March 2015