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31 Jul 2015 description
  • In Greater Equatoria, production prospects for first season crops to be harvested in August/September are mixed, due to dry weather conditions affecting several areas.

  • Planted area severely reduced in most conflict-affected counties due to worsening security conditions and massive displacement.

31 Jul 2015 description

Locust situation

In June and July 2015, the dry and cold season established throughout the whole Island. Temperatures decreased and there was no or little rain, which slowed down the development of the Malagasy Migratory Locust.

31 Jul 2015 description

Eastern Region Key update on food security situation:

• Instable security situation and conflicts between Daeesh and Taliban, government and AGEs, well as the increased AGE harassment & intimidation have caused significant displacements in the Eastern Region. In particular numerous displacements taking place from and to different districts of Kunar and Nangarhar provinces. Nangarhar province has been one of the topmost hosting community for the majority of IDPs being displaced in the Region.

30 Jul 2015 description

Agriculture-dependent families in Maguindanao are still reeling from the residual impacts of conflict, drought and flooding that affected the province during the first half of 2015. In order to meet the first cropping season of the year, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) launched emergency response efforts that will enable farmers to seize the small window of opportunity to replant their farms, and avoid at least eight more months without sufficient food and income.

30 Jul 2015 description

El Niño in Asia: Prolonged dry weather in several countries affecting plantings and yield potential of the 2015 main season food crops

  • Prolonged dry weather associated with El Niño has impaired the production outlook for the ongoing 2015 main season in several countries, including Cambodia, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, the Philippines and Viet Nam

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31 Jul 2015 description
job Closing date: 31 Aug 2015 Food and Agriculture Organization


Contract duration: assignments from two to six weeks

Vacancy No.**IRC2869**

Deadline for Applications:**31 August 2015**

The purpose of this call is to provide FAO’s Investment Centre Division (TCI) with a list of qualified candidates for a number of profiles in various locations as indicated below. The contract is home based with required travel for field missions.


Economist – Agricultural Economist Various locations

29 Jul 2015 description
job Closing date: 27 Aug 2015 Food and Agriculture Organization

Le projet GCP/MOR/041/GFF « Élimination des pesticides obsolètes y compris les POP et mise en place d’un programme de gestion intégrée des ravageurs et des pesticides au Maroc» est un projet national qui a pour objectif principal d’éliminer, dans le respect des normes sanitaires et environnementales, les stocks de pesticides obsolètes accumulés au Maroc (environ 800 tonnes) et de mettre en place des mesures de prévention pour éviter l’accumulation de nouveaux stocks dans le futur.

27 Jul 2015 description
job Closing date: 25 Aug 2015 Food and Agriculture Organization

The Office of Evaluation (OED) of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is seeking a Team Leader for the Country Programme Evaluation of FAO Morocco. The consultancy is for 80 days (When Actually Employed) from September 2015 until August 2016.

23 Jul 2015 description
job Closing date: 12 Aug 2015 Food and Agriculture Organization

Organizational Setting

FAO's Subregional Office for Central Asia is responsible for developing, promoting, overseeing and implementing agreed strategies for addressing subregional food, agriculture and rural development priorities. It develops and maintains relations with subregion-wide institutions including Regional Economic Integration Organizations (REIOs). The Subregional Office is a subsidiary of FAO’s Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia (REU).

07 Jul 2015 description
job Closing date: 03 Aug 2015 Food and Agriculture Organization

Organizational Setting


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11 Mar 2015 description
training Ongoing course Food and Agriculture Organization

One of the impacts of climate change is an increase in the incidence, severity and unpredictability of natural disasters. This e-learning course explains how livelihoods and tenure rights are affected by natural disasters, and illustrates how responsible governance of tenure of land, fisheries and forests can support a disaster management process through improved prevention, mitigation, preparedness, emergency response, and recovery and reconstruction.


2 hours

Publication Date:

March 2015