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22 May 2017 description


  • The Emergency Telecommunications Sector (ETS) prepositioned Information Telecommunications Technology (ICT) equipment in Ngala, the second humanitarian hub.

  • A needs survey was launched jointly with the Logistics Sector to confirm the needs of the humanitarian organisations in the North-East Nigeria.

  • A 35-metre radio tower was deployed at the International Humanitarian Partnership (IHP) base camp in Maiduguri to improve the overall coverage of the security telecommunications network.

18 May 2017 description


Haiti is one of the world’s most disaster-prone countries and the poorest in the Western Hemisphere.

Hurricane Matthew made landfall on Haiti on 4 October, 2016, more than six years after an earthquake flattened its capital, Port-au-Prince, and impacted three million people. Hurricane Matthew affected 1.125 million people in rural areas along the country’s southern coast, killing more than 500 and destroying livelihoods.

09 May 2017 description


  • The ETC Services for Communities project in Haiti was successfully concluded on 29 March. This project included the restoration of 4x radio stations in the most affected areas of Grand’Anse and Sud, improving the ability of community radio stations to transmit important, localised messages and invite increased community dialogue on humanitarian issues.

  • The Haiti ICT Working Group was officially deactivated at the end of March 2017.

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09 May 2017 description

Following the country’s independence in 2011, the Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) was activated in South Sudan, under the leadership of the World Food Programme (WFP), to provide security communications, internet connectivity and coordination services to the humanitarian community.

In March 2017, after nearly six years of continuous support and establishment of reliable, low-cost and long-term solutions, the ETC was officially demobilized.

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