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23 Apr 2017 description
report Deutsche Welle

Meggie Morris

After years of relying on food handouts, Zimbabwe expects this year to have a substantial maize harvest. But the government must make the crop more attractive to farmers to further ease the perennial hunger problem.

For the first time in almost two decades, Zimbabwe will produce enough maize to be able to export the grain, the country's Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa said on Friday.

20 Apr 2017 description
report Deutsche Welle

Carsten Grün

The emergency ship "Iuventa" from the Berlin-based aid organization "Jugend rettet" was overloaded in its last deployment. The organization’s spokeswoman Pauline Schmidt spoke to DW about the incident.

DW: How are the crew members of your rescue ship "Iuventa”  faring after the last deployment?

18 Apr 2017 description
report Deutsche Welle

Tens of thousands of pastoralists fled from Turkana in Kenya to Uganda last week to escape the drought. It is the latest blow for the parched region for which politicians once made rash promises of rapid modernization.

As many as 10,000 Kenyan pastoralists have crossed the border from Turkana in Kenya to Uganda in search of pasture and water for their cattle.

Josephat Nanok, governor of Kenya's Turkana County, confirmed their departure and urged Uganda to accommodate them, The Monitor in Kampala reported.

16 Apr 2017 description
report Deutsche Welle

The only functioning power plant in the Palestinian territory is out of action after running out of fuel. The local electricity company blamed a "dispute" between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority for the outage.

Gaza residents on Sunday had their electricity cut from eight hours a day to just six, after the only power station in the Gaza Strip stopped operating.

15 Apr 2017 description
report Deutsche Welle

Kakuma was once a sleepy, remote region of Kenya. Now it is home to the country's second-largest refugee camp. There appears to be no end in sight to the stream of people escaping war-torn South Sudan.

The fire crackled all night long. Alice Maraka and her family had covered large distances on foot to comb the drought-stricken area for wood they could make into charcoal. When the coal is cool enough to handle, Alice heads to the United Nations refugee camp in Kakuma, where she trades it for food. A bowl of coal fetches two portions of millet or beans.